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World Zion Infestation

Informing the masses of the Powerful Shadow Government merciless to the common man. How they will have to stand up and speak out! Because, so far they ... (more)

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Informing the masses of the Powerful Shadow Government merciless to the common man. How they will have to stand up and speak out! Because, so far they have lost their as*. And if you do not act fast you will die a slave. U.S. Secret Service is really protecting a whole bunch of Criminals. Treasonous candidates that must be prosecuted. And at least the U.S. Secret Service can do their job and prosecute these War Criminal and Bully Murderers! But,we cannot even have that! Because, Israel owns them to! With all the money they can make out of thin air straight out of our Federal Reserves. You buy fruits and vegetable watered with fluoride. Shower with fluoride and medicines have fluoride. Our toothpaste is the most popularly known and accepted like it's healthy and it's not. Zionists own FDA and enforce fluoride in our products for over 50 years. But, they will not put it into theirs in Israel. Now, Zionists own America and our Americans still have not figured it out. David Yennior,Sodium Fluoride is used as Rat Poison, but is featured in all American toothpastes, and contains the the element fluorine, which is very reactive, bonding with calcium everywhere in the body. Fluoride is a bi-product of aluminum manufacturing and is a toxic waste. So rather try to detoxify it, the government puts it in the public water systems. You're here for a reason....Is it to start Illegal Wars or end Illegal Wars....Be the solution not the problem! Help bring more awareness to your friends and family. Even if they call you crazy keep trying. They will eventually understand!! Some people it takes a lot more time than others. And some don't care...those that don't care will regret it when their in line at a FEMA camp or worse..... Trying to make a difference makes a difference!! Just like Iraq, back in Desert Storm! They claimed there were weapons of mass destruction and we had to go over there and dismantle. Then Iraq had no weapons. It was just an excuse to attack Iraq. So far the world has lost 2.5 Million Iraqis and there are over 5 Million orphaned Iraqi children. Then Israel did 911 and blamed it on Iraq (Mossad and 911). And Israelis got their war they have always been wanting against Iraq. Now Israel wants Iran...... So they will have to demonize Iran and provoke them to have a reason for War.... ‎"In 1997, US Defense Secretary William Cohen admitted that the Pentagon’s environmental warfare specialists were intensifying our efforts to alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. The media failed to report this rather important story, and have consistently refused to discuss the giant ionospheric heater in Alaska, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP), which has been condemned by the European Parliament for its manipulation of global weather patterns, making it a serious threat to the environment." Axisoflogic.comZionisim--Created by Jewish Theodore Herzl, for the Jewish People. It's amazing how they are very dedicated and will always fend for their own in such an organized manner against the Gentile. Even in campaigns, they will have a large group of their own running things. Sent by AIPAC-Israeli Foreign Lobby. And using money to get in and have influence. They own our money making machine and really don't worry about money. They have been making endless trillions and taking over the world with it. It's not legal but, what people don't know won't hurt them??? I think this is a harmful practice--Zionsim should be Illegal and the Talmud Teachings as well. Elite and their depopulation agenda. They should be in jail for even thinking about depopulating humanity on earth. This is illegal! And they announce it proudly as if it's what everyone wants.

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