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Mar 25th: Stream With Wirecast

Livestream is now fully integrated into the latest release of Wirecast, enabling you to use Wirecast's multi-camera switching and effects capabilities to stream directly to your Livestream channel.


1. From the menu bar, choose "Broadcast," then "Broadcast Settings."

2. From the Encoder Presets menu choose one of the Flash Encoder Presets:

  • Advanced users may select "edit" to further tailor the encoding settings to your preference.


3. For destination, Choose Livestream and then enter the channel you want to stream to, username and password

Note that for Livestream Free channels you will need to ensure that the total encoding bitrate is set no higher than 500Kbps.

4. From the Broadcast tab go to Network Broadcast and then Start all to begin encoding.

That's it! You can now go live on your Livestream channel.

Dec 16th: Chat Improvements

Mute Viewers

The "Mute Viewers" button can be used to conduct a chat between channel producers or do a live blog. When viewer chat is muted viewers will only be able see what producers enter in the chatroom but cannot participate.


Clear Chat

The clear chat button can be used to clear all previous chat messages. Once this is done the following message will be displayed: Image:Chatroom cleared.png

Producer Chat

Using the Image:StudioChat.png buttons producers can switch back and forth between the public viewer chatroom or the private producer chatroom. The Producer chat section can also be used to leave messages for other team members who visit later

Dec 3: Livestream Premium

Higher Quality Video

  • Livestream Premium enables producers to stream at bitrates up to 1700Kbps. You can change the quality on your channel from the My Profile section. Premium channels receive priority transcoding and imported clips are encoded using the best-in-class On2 VP6 codec.


Advanced Video Settings

  • Livestream Premium allows you to customize the player aspect ratio and set whether the player should letterbox or crop imported content.

Image:Screenshots-pro-3.jpg Image:Screenshots-pro-1.jpg

Privacy Settings

  • Livestream Premium allows you to restrict where content can be embedded. In the Privacy section of the configure channel tab you can set the sites where you would like to permit embedding.



  • By default Livestream Premium is ad-free, however you may use supported ad partners to monetize the content on your site. This can be done from the Manage Advertising section of the configure channel tab.


Professional Analytics

  • Livestream Premium subscribers have access to enhanced analytics including detailed statistics on viewer minutes, unique viewers, channel usage, content, embedded players, referrers, and more. Reports can be exported as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.


White Label Player

  • Livestream Premium carries no Livestream branding. As a Premium user you have access to additional options in the Get Player Widget tab.


Nov 11: Moderate Chat

You can ban users in your chatroom from the chat tab in Livestream Studio by right clicking on the user you want to ban and choosing the length of the ban from the dropdown menu. Users can be banned for 5 min, 24 hours, 2 weeks, or permanently. Image:Ban_user.png

Once a user is banned the user will be grayed out in the user list inside the studio and a message will appear in the chatroom: Image:Userbanned.png


To unban, simply right click on the user and select "unban user" Image:Unban_user.png

Note that this is only the first version of chat moderation and we will be adding additional features in the weeks to come.

Oct 3: Change the Aspect Ratio

Stream from a 16/9 Camera Source

Image:Picture 30.png

  • You can change the aspect ratio of video from your camera video settings tab.
  • Channels default to 4:3 resolution but you can change the aspect ratio to 16:9 or a custom resolution of your choice from the aspect ratio dropdown.
  • Standard Livestream players will letterbox 16:9 or custom aspect ratios to display correct resolution in a standard 4:3 player.
  • Livestream Premium players will display the Aspect ratio of the player true 16:9 resolution or the custom resolution of your choice.

Oct 3: Upload Video Settings

Specify the aspect ratio of your uploaded video


  • By default Livestream will auto-detect the resolution of uploaded videos and display them in the correct aspect ratio.
  • Manually selecting the aspect ratio will override automatic detection and display the video in the resolution of your choice.
  • All Livestream standard channel players are set to 4:3 resolution by default and will letterbox non 4:3 content to display it correctly
  • Livestream Premium channels offer the option to change the player resolution to 16:9 or any other aspect ratio for widescreen playback without letterboxing.
Use File as Master


  • The "Use File as Master" option allows you to upload an FLV video without it being re-encoded by Livestream servers. This is great if you have existing videos that have been encoded in VP6 using On2 Flix Standard or Flix Pro encoders.
  • When the Use File as Master box is checked the file will not be transcoded and will be streamed exactly as it was encoded by you.

Note that when using this feature the bitrate should be no higher than 400Kbps for video and 64Kbps for audio and the resolution should be no higher than 480x360. If it is higher the video will be transcoded to comply with your channel settings.

A note about Livestream Video Codec and Quality
  • Livestream currently transcodes uploaded video to FLV using the Sorensen Spark codec (Flash 7), 400Kbps video, 64Kbos audio, 480x360 resolution, 25 fps.
  • We plan to introduce MP4 transcoding and playback soon which will allow us to offer the highest possible quality Flash video.

Oct 3: RSS Storyboards

Livestream allows you to import videos automatically from a Media RSS feed.


Enter the Media RSS feed URL and the most recent 25 clips in that feed will be automatically imported. The storyboard will continue to update with the latest clips. Note that this is a continuous automated import and videos in the storyboard cannot be added, removed or re-ordered.


Adding RSS storyboards to your auto-pilot playlist or VOD library is a great way to keep your channel continuously updated with the latest content without the need to manually upload clips one at a time in the Studio.

Oct 3: Advanced Flash Media Encoder Options

Add any of the following parameters at the end of your RTMP URL :

Advanced Flash Media Encoder Options

Add any of the following parameters at the end of your RTMP URL :

  • /autoVOD=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the Video on Demand list
  • /autoAutopilot=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the auto-pilot playlist
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion support :
    • /aspectWidth=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parameter to 16
    • /aspectHeight=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parametre to 9
    • If your channel is configured to be 4/3 aspect ratio, it would letter box your 16/9 feed and display it correctly. If you did you not set the aspect ratio properties and your feed was 16/9 - Livestream would assume it was a 4/3 feed and display it as 4/3 - which would be incorect for a 16/9 feed.
  • /bufferTime=[x sec]

Allows you to set the buffer time of the live streaming in the player. By default this is very low (0.5 seconds) Increase if you use a unreliable connection during a live Flash Media Encoder broadcast.