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Webcaster is Livestream's browser based application for users who want to quickly jump in and begin broadcasting. It is a meant as a simplified web-based version of Procaster. Users can easily create live streaming video content with only an internet connection and a browser. Simply select your channel and click “Go Live” to begin broadcasting to the world.

Quickstart Guide


Chat Tab


Chat with viewers as you broadcast. Control your audience and other chat features by clicking on the gear wheel and customizing your settings.

Promote Tab


Make Twitter announcements before going live, and interact with viewers during the broadcast – all without leaving Webcaster.

Record Tab


Save your Webcaster broadcasts and watch them instantly. Copy the embed code to immediately share.

Activity Tab


View your activity in Webcaster.

Settings Tab


Manage your video, audio, and Livestream settings.

Video: Select a video source and choose your aspect ratio - 16:9 or 4:3. Adjust your broadcast quality and frame rate. Note that higher quality settings will require a faster upload bandwidth.

Audio: Select an audio source and adjust the input volume. Designate your audio quality. Note that higher quality settings will require a faster upload bandwidth.

Livestream: Adjust your Livestream settings and configure your channel via Webcaster. Webcaster gives you the options to automatically broadcast live and add your recordings to Auto-pilot/On-Demand.

All setting changes will be logged within the Activity tab.