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VOD inside the studio


Video on Demand enables you to create a library of videos and recorded shows that will be available for your viewers. This way, they can watch your linear feed or choose among your proposed clips what they want to watch!

Click on the Video On Demand tab. You will be presented two columns. The one on the left contains your studio library. The one on the right is your VOD library. You can drag entire storyboards or clips in the VOD library.

If you wish for your storyboards to play the clips they contain as one sequence, check the 'play as one' box. Image:Example2.png

Every change you make to your VOD will instantly appear on your channelpage.

Once you are done, make sure to enable VOD!


VOD on your player



To access the VOD library on the player,click on this icon.


You will have access to all clips and storyboards that have been added by the producer.


Click on the thumbnail to watch the selected clip.

If you wish to go back to the VOD library, click on the video icon.


If you wish to go back to the linear stream, click on live.