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Please note: Video On Demand can only be managed within the Livestream Studio at this time.

VOD within the Studio

Video on Demand enables you to create a library of videos and recorded shows that will be available for your viewers. This way, viewers can view your Live content or switch to any of your archived media for viewing anytime!

  • Click on the Video On Demand tab. You will be presented with two columns.
  • The column on the left contains your studio library.
  • The column on the right is your VOD library.
  • You can drag entire storyboards or clips from one storyboard to another in the VOD library.


  • If you wish for clips in your storyboard to play in order as a single clips, check the 'play as one clip' box.


  • Every change you make to your VOD will instantly appear on your channel page.

Once you are done, make sure to enable VOD!


VOD on Your Channel Page

  • Your new Video On Demand Library can be found within the "Latest Videos" section of your Channel Page (beneath the Livestream Player).
  • Folders, Storyboards, and Individual Clips will appear within this section.


  • Don't worry, soon you'll be able to embed a Video On Demand widget alongside your new Livestream Player!

How Do I Find my ClipID?

  • We now provide all producers the ability to link a past Channel Event with a Recorded video or playlist. Doing so is fairly easy. Visit your Account Center and click the "Configure" button next to your channel. Scroll down to the "Events" section, locate your event and click the "Link a Video" button.

You should see something similar to the image below:


Now, open a new window or tab & visit your channel page. Click on the video you wish to link. As the video loads, move to your navigation bar and select the following (or similar): pla_5f0848aa-9e1d-4ba4-ad73-4d809ad09c11


Go back to your Configuration Page and paste the selection in the ClipID field. Then click the "Link Video" button. Save your Configuration and you're all set.


Users will see a "Watch Replay" button on your Channel Page's "Upcoming Events" section.

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