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New Look

Redesigned Channel & Clip Pages

  • Livestream Channel and Clip pages have been completely redesigned. We hope that you find the new look cleaner, friendlier and more intuitive. New clip page URLs will also be shorted for easy sharing.

Visit the live page >>

Channel Appearance Customization

  • The look of your channel is now completely customizable. You are now in control of every element of your Channel page. From background color or image to foreground color, to which chat option you would like to display as your default and even which tab you would like viewers to see first upon arrival at your channel.

New Player

Large New 16:9 Player

  • Livestream has gone LARGE with a completely redesigned 16:9 video player. Goodbye TV fuzz. Hello beautiful lightweight, embeddable and easily customizable new player.
* Lighter weight and much Faster
* Infinitely More Attractive
* Embeddable and Fully Customizable: Color, Size, Text and more
* Directly Integrated Livestream, Facebook and Twitter Sharing Options
* 100% Configurable for Premium Users
* Just go to Video Setting > Aspect Ratio on your Configure Page to select 16:9. It's that easy.

Full Page Widescreen Expand

  • The new player offers full page widescreen expand mode...

Visit the live page >>

Pop-Out Feature

  • A new pop-out feature...

Visit the live page >>

Customized Embeddable Player

  • ...And all elements of the new embeddable player are now customizable for seamless integration. You control the color, size and even such specifics as auto-play and auto-mute. Players have been designed so that multiple players can be embedded into the same page and the embedded thumbnails are also constantly updating live in real-time when the players are inactive.

  • Don’t worry. We will continue to support the old embeddable player as long as is necessary to provide you with a completely imperceptible transformation.
  • Players are also Facebook embeddable.

New Chatting

  • Livestream has introduced a revolutionary new player-side chat companion. Discuss live videos in real time using Facebook, Twitter or the soon to be released updated Livestream chat. Some advancements of the new livestream chat include a new cleaner look, ability to embed the chat separately, login required option for chatting, IP banning, easy moderation within the chat window itself (no need to use the studio) and the ability to promote any user to chat moderator. This chat widget will also be embeddable very shortly.

Visit the live page >>

  • The chat window can now be expanded...

  • ... And even popped out and moved anywhere for easy wide screen chatting.

Full Twitter Control

  • All channels can now control Search Query and Premium Channels can now customize Channel URL and even Suggested Follow.

New Sharing

  • Sharing videos and channels has never been easier with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and Delicious just one click away. The new Share page is also where you are able to customize all of the elements of your embedded player. Shared/embedded chatting is also coming very soon.

Visit the live page >>

New Video Library

  • The new browsable searchable Video Library makes it infinitely easier for your viewers to find your videos. And because the new library is HTML, search engines are now able to crawl your library and return results for your videos.

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