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Use Motion Graphics!

With Livestream, you can add motion graphics just like on a major network news broadcast.

We will be adding additional motion graphics in the future but currently you can:

  • Bring in a lower-third splash to tell viewers who is currently speaking
  • Transition to a full screen to inform viewers what's coming up next
  • Add a news ticker with custom-typed news items
  • Add over-the-shoulder photos and logos to the corner of the screen as the presenter speaks.

How to Enable Live Graphics

The live graphics are all easily accessible from the lower right corner of the Broadcast Live Tab:


Within this tab, you can choose the type graphic you want, type in new text if needed, and click the Show button to introduce the graphic into your live broadcast. To disable it, click the Hide button.

Superimpose Information Over the Broadcast

Use the controls in the Overlays tab to superimpose channel identification, images, or other information over the broadcast.

  • The Lower Third Graphic (also known as the "strap") appears at the bottom of the screen to identify people or events.
  • The Over the Shoulder graphic appears on the top left corner of the screen.
  • The Update Frequency slider changes the update frequency of the over the shoulder graphic if taken from an auto-refresh JPG webcam URL.

You can line up as many overlay variations as you'll need. Click the Add New button to type in new text (or URLs).

Add an Informational Full Screen

Use the controls in the Full Screen tab to add to your broadcast with information in a full screen that includes your channel logo.


  • The Sting identifies your channel (the channel name and strap are shown).
  • The Generic screen lets you type a custom heading and sub-heading.
  • The Coming up screen lets you type up to four lines of information.

Add a Ticker

Use the Ticker tab to add a news ticker running across the bottom of the screen.


  • Separate ticker items by using the ENTER key (new line).
  • You can update the ticker with new or edited information even while the ticker is playing. Type in the new information, click Hide to interrupt the previous information and click Show again to start the ticker with the new information.
  • To change the speed of the ticker, go to the Configure Channel tab and click on Style Channel.

Add Branding

Use the Branding tab to add your logo in the upper right corner of the screen or show a full-screen test card (if previously uploaded).


  • The Bug adds your logo to the upper right corner of the broadcast.
  • The Test card fills the entire broadcast screen with your test card. No video will be seen.

How Can I Change the Graphics Template?

The graphics available from the Broadcast Live Tab are default graphics chosen by you when the channel was launched.

If you want to change the template graphics without exiting the Studio (for example, to update the logo, test card, or full screen graphic), go to the Configure Channel tab and click on Style Channel.


After you've uploaded the new graphics, you can quickly apply your changes by clicking the Apply this template to your live channel button.

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