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The Teradek Cube is a hardware H.264 encoder that streams directly to Livestream over Wifi, Verizon 4G or ethernet connection. Attach to any video camera with battery power or use in your video control room with external power/ethernet connection. Simply configure the Teradek Cube with your Livestream account and you’re ready to go live.

Latest Firmware

We highly recommend installing the latest version of the Cube Firmware. The latest version is available for download here

Setting up the cube

To get started using the Cube, first you are going to need to connect the Cube to your computer using an Ethernet cable. This will allow you to configure the cube and enable your Cube to be located on the network.

  1. 1. Connect the Cube to the video source you will be streaming with
  2. 2. Next connect the Cube to your internet connection using an Ethernet cable
  3. 3. Connect the Cube to a powersoure and wait for the Cube to boot-up
  4. 4. Now use Bonjour/BonjourFoxy to discover Cube on the network

The next step is to configure your Cube using either Firefox or Safari. Depending on which browser you choose, you can connect to the Cube using Bonjour or BonjourFoxy:

Using Bonjour (Safari):
  1. 1. Open Preferences and under the bookmarks tab, select the option to ‘Include Bonjour’ in the Bookmarks Bar, Menu, and Collections.
  2. 2. Now Safari is ready to find your Teradek Cube.
  3. 3. To connect to the Cube, click on the ‘Airport’ icon at the top right to drop down the window that lists your computers available devices.
  4. 4. Select the Cube Model listed and wait for the device to connect.
  5. 5. Next click on the Bonjour tab that you created in Safari and on the drop down menu you should see your cube listed, this represents you are successfully connected on the network.
  6. 6. Click on your device and this will launch the Teradek Cube Setup Wizard

Using BonjourFoxy (Firefox):
  1. 1. Click on Tools on the Firefox toolbar and select ‘Add-ons’
  2. 2. In the search all Add-ons box, type BonjourFoxy and add to Firefox
  3. 3. Install and then restart Firefox.
  4. 4. To connect to the Cube, click on the ‘Airport’ icon at the top right to drop down the window that lists your computers available devices.
  5. 5. Now you can use BonjourFoxy to find your cube on the network
  6. 6. Next click on the View tab on the Firefox toolbar and go down to sidebar and select BonjourFoxy.
  7. 7. Once the sidebar opens in Firefox, click the expand arrow next to the ‘Websites’ folder and listed in the folder should be the Teradek Cube model you are using.
  8. 8. Click on your device and this will launch the Teradek Cube Setup Wizard.

To Log on to the Cube’s Menu System:


  1. 1. Locate Cube on your network
  2. 2. Enter the Username and Password*
  3. 3. Click Logon. The Dashboard appears.

 Note: The default Username and Password is admin. 
 You can change the password in the System - Password Change menu.

Once you have successfully logged in through the Menu System, you will land at the Dashboard. Here you can find a thumbnail of the video you are streaming from your Cube, as well as Video configurations, Network Information, and the option to select Preset Mode or Custom Mode.


Video Setup

Click on the 'Video Setup' tab to navigate to the Device, Encoder or Stream Settings.

-Device Settings


Adjust Audio/Video Input Settings for your device
  1. • Video Input Mode: HDMI or SDI based on the Cube model being used.
  2. • Detected Resolution: Select resolution based on camera model.
  3. • Video Input Resolution: Select from drop down menu.
  4. • Video Input Colorspace: Select from drop down menu.
  5. • Audio Input: Select from drop down menu.
  6. • Select Apply at the bottom to save your settings.

-Encoder Settings


  1. • Compression Profile: High profile provides the highest quality per bit.
  2. • Latency Options: Leave at default settings (300)
  3. • Intra Refresh Mode: Select Enable or Disabled

Channel 1 Settings:
  1. • Title Text: Text overlaid on the video output. Enable or Disable it in the Show
  2. Title section (below).
  3. • Video Bitrate: Manually adjust the target bitrate.
  4. • Audio Bitrate: Select the audio bitrate.
  5. • Resolution: Select the desired output resolution.
  6. • Frame Rate: Select the output frame rate.
  7. • Show Title: Click to display Title Text
  8. • Show Timecode: Click to display Time Code.
  9. • Select Apply at the bottom to save your settings.

Integration with Livestream

-Stream Settings


Once you have located your cube on the network and completed the video setup, just configure your stream settings and you will be ready to Go Live ! On the Stream Settings page you have the option to ‘Start Broadcast’ or ‘Stop Broadcast’

  1. • Under General on the Stream Settings page, for Type in the drop down menu select Live Internet Streaming
  1. • Now you will be prompted to log in using your Livestream Username and Password. #Also enter in the Channel short name where you would like your broadcast to stream to #and click Verify log in.
  1. • Adjust Livestream Channel Settings
    1. -Select Aspect Ratio
    2. -Choose from the following options:
      1. • Automatically Go Live
      2. • Record to your Livestream Studio
      3. • Add recording to on-demand library
      4. • Add recording to Auto-pilot section
  2. • Select Apply at the bottom to save your settings.

This will launch your View Livestream Menu

Now, you have two options to start broadcasting live to your Livestream Channel.

  1. • One way would be to click the ‘Start Broadcast’ button under Livestraem status.
  1. • The other way would be to actually click and hold the button on the cube itself until it begins to flash red or green. Red means that it is streaming and recording. Green means it is streaming only.

Once you are LIVE you can click the ‘View Livestream’ tab to watch your broadcast. In the ‘View Livestream’ tab you can also find:

  1. -Livestream channel page link
  2. -Player embed code
  3. -Login to Livestream Account Center.
 Tip: You can broadcast at any Video Bitrate to Livestream assuming you have enough Internet
 bandwidth at the Cube location and that your viewers have enough bandwidth on their
 connnection to view the stream. To stream to the widest audience, we recommend changing the
 Cube Encoder settings to 0.5Mbps Video Rate and 480p resolution.	

Cube Tips

System Firmware Upgrade


To Update Cube with the Latest Firmware

  1. 1. Logon to Cube’s web interface.
  2. 2. Click System and select Firmware Upgrade.
  3. 3. Click Choose File. Select the firmware update file.
  4. 4. Follow the directions onscreen.

Note: Do not unplug Cube during firmware upgrade and reboot process! 

Cube LED Function Info

File:Cube LED functions.jpg

Purchasing the Teradek Cube

To purchase the Cube please use the following contact information or visit

  1. E-mail |
  2. Phone | 888.941.2111

Get a month of Livestream Premium free with every Cube purchase.

To claim just setup a free Livestream channel and email your CUBE serial number and Livestream username to