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Storage Cleanup Wizard


Over the past 4 years we’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of neglected videos. This takes up storage space and also takes a toll on our environment. Our Storage Cleanup program allows us to clean up older, less viewed content on a monthly basis. Due to rising storage costs and our ongoing focus on current Producers, it is necessary to perform monthly cleaning of older videos with less than 10 views to continue to keep Livestream free for all of our users. Any video clips (not story boards) that were created / uploaded 6 months ago or later, and have been viewed less than 10 times in the past 6 months, will be marked for deletion.

We know what you might be thinking… but DON’T PANIC! You can still keep any/all of your videos. We’ve created a simple wizard to help you find, save and download stuff you want to hang on to. We’ll tell you in advance if we find anything, and if your channel is active you’ll probably never hear from us.

As a thank-you for the effort, we’ll be pledging 10% of any savings from reducing our storage usage over the next three months towards carbon credits, to make our planet that little bit greener.

Storage Cleanup Wizard: How To Keep Your Videos

If you have content marked for deletion, you'll be notified by an Account Center alert after logging in. You can also visit the Storage Cleanup wizard at any time by visiting:


To keep any videos marked for deletion, you must take the following steps:

• Login to your Livestream Account Center to enter the Storage Cleanup Wizard.

• Select a channel that has been identified to contain videos marked for deletion.

• Preview, rename, & edit the details of the videos you would like to save. We do not place a limit on how many videos you decide to keep.


Don't forget, all saved content must have a video description as well as a video title other than the one added by your encoder (Procaster, FME, etc.) "Saved" videos will not be deleted and will not appear in the next monthly cleanup.


Selected videos that are not marked as "Saved" by the end of each month will be permanently deleted.

Recap & Conclusion

To recap:

• Every month we’ll find your neglected videos (older than 6 months & viewed fewer than 10 times within the past 6 months).

• If we find anything marked for deletion, we'll notify you ahead of time on and via email.

• To save/download videos just follow the link to the cleanup wizard.

• You can choose to keep any/all of your videos.

• This applies to video clips - not the storyboards which contain them.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, please contact our Support Team by emailing or by opening a new Support Ticket in your Account Center.