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Assemble a team of producers by inviting other Livestream users to join your live broadcast. By adding other Producers, you'll be able to collaborate in searching for content, storyboards, or even mixing camera sources to broadcast live.

Add Members to Your Production Team

1. Click the Configure Channel tab, then Manage team.


2. If the user you are adding is an existing producer, you can enter their user name. Otherwise, enter an e-mail address and they will be prompted to create an account when they access the Studio.


  • To remove a Producer, click on the X icon at the upper right corner of their entry.
  • Note that only the channel owner may add production team members.

Control the Activities of Production Members

Lock Team Members

If there are team members who will only be contributing to your channel at specific times, click the Lock User check box beside their name within the Manage Team tab. When this box is checked, these contributors cannot log in to your Livestream Studio. Uncheck it only during those times you are expecting these contributors to be on air.

Limit Activities to Certain Team Members

If there are team members who will broadcast live but who are not part of your other production activities, click the Camera Mode Only checkbox beside their name in the Manage team tab. When this box is checked, these contributors can log into your production and have their camera cued, but cannot control your channel in any other way.

Collaborate for Live Broadcasts

Livestream allows you to work collaboratively with other Producers to produce live content. When Team Members are logged in to Livestream, you will see each of their cameras in the cameras menu of the Broadcast Live Tab and can cue any camera to make it live.

This feature is particularly useful for remotely managing a number of production tasks, so one person can be controlling titles and overlays while another cues cameras etc.


Additional features for collaboration within the studio are on the way.

Transfer Channel Ownership

You can transfer ownership of a channel you have created to another Livestream from the "My Account" section of the Livestream homepage.

Image:Transfer owner1.png

Clicking on the toggle drawer on the right of the channel you want to transfer will open a dropdown which will allow you to transfer ownership to existing production team members.


Once you transfer ownership, the channel will be moved from the "My Channels" section to the "Member Channels" section. The new owner will be able to remove or change your access to the channel if desired. This CANNOT be undone.

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