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Higher Quality Video

  • Livestream Premium enables producers to stream at bitrates up to 1700Kbps. You can change the quality on your channel from the Account Center section. Learn more: Change Channel Quality.
  • Your available Livestream Premium Quality Settings include:
- Basic Quality (500kbps VP6)
- High Quality (700kbps VP6)
- HD Quality (1700kbps VP6)
- Basic Quality H.264 Beta (500kbps H.264)
- High Quality H.264 Beta (700kbps H.264)
  • Premium channels receive priority transcoding and imported clips are encoded using the best-in-class On2 VP6 codec.

Image:Video setting.png

Advanced Video Settings

  • The Livestream Premium Studio allows you to customize the player aspect ratio and set whether the player should letterbox or crop imported content.

File:Video set.png

  • These settings can also be customized within the Account Center Configuration Tab. Learn more: Advanced Video Settings.

Privacy Settings

  • Livestream Premium allows you to restrict where content can be embedded. In the Privacy section of the configure channel tab you can set the sites where you would like to permit embedding.


Audience Control Settings

A premium account provides the feature for a channel to require a user to enter his or her e-mail address before gaining access to the content.

Within your account center, select configure channel.

File:Configure channel.png

Towards the bottom of your settings will be the option to “Require Viewer Email”. This setting will prompt a viewer to enter his or her e-mail address before viewing your channel on the Livestream page or on its embedded website.

File:Require email.png

After your broadcast, you can go back and download the csv file, which contains a list of all of your viewer’s email addresses.

Limit Audience by Location

Within the Privacy tab in the channel configuration settings producers are given the option to limit specific countries or regions to which the feed is broadcast.

File:Geo restrict.png

  • Additional Privacy Settings, including a set Viewer Limit, can be managed within the Livestream Account Center's Configuration Page. Learn More: Privacy Settings & Audience Control.


  • By default Livestream Premium is ad-free, however you may use supported ad partners to monetize the content on your site. This can be done from the Manage Advertising section of the configure channel tab.


Professional Analytics

  • Livestream Premium subscribers have access to enhanced analytics including detailed statistics on viewer minutes, unique viewers, channel usage, content, embedded players, referrers, and more. Reports can be exported as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. Learn more: Manage Analytics.



Analytics Definitions

  • Total Viewer Minutes - Total number of minutes for which a user is exposed to content on a channel for the selected period
  • Total Streams - Total number of visits to the player for the selected period (includes multiple visits from the same user)
  • Average time per viewer (minutes) - Average time in minutes the player was viewed by all users for the selected period
  • Total unique viewers - Total number of unique visitors who viewed the player (excludes multiple visits from the same user)
  • % New visitors - Percentage of viewers who visited the player for the first time.

White Label Player

  • Livestream Premium carries no Livestream branding. As a Pro user you have access to additional options in the Get Player Widget tab.


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