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Livestream Account Center

  • A number of Premium Account settings are controlled from the My Account & Settings Section of the Livestream homepage. These include the ability to move channels to Premium, change the Premium channel quality, and view channel usage and billing statements.


Make a Channel Premium

  • Once you have purchased a Livestream Premium plan you will have the option to move existing free channels to this plan. To do so, from the Channels Tab click on "More" next to the channel and then on "Move to Plan"


Change Channel Quality

  • Once your channel is Premium, you can change the channel quality from the Channels Tab. Click on "More" next to the Premium channel and then select the channel bitrate of your preference.


Billing Details

  • All Premium channel usage is available in the Billing Tab of the "My Accounts & Channels" Section. Hourly usage data is available in the Daily Usage Report Tab.


  • Note that any time content is streamed on your channel, including the default clip and the preview window in Livestream Studio bandwidth is consumed.
  • To limit unwanted usage, producers can set a channel viewer limit from the configure channel page or make the channel private from the "privacy section" of the configure channel tab.
  • You can close a Premium plan at any time from the Plans tab of the My Account & Channels section.


  • Note that there is a minimum 30 day commitment (if purchased mid-month this includes the pro-rated partial month + 1 full month) for Livestream Premium accounts, users who cancel before this are still liable for the minimum commitment.


Livestream Premium users can earn revenue through a growing number of Livestream ad partners.

Currently in-stream overlay advertising is enabled from the following providers:

To enable advertising on your channel you will first need to apply for a publisher ID directly through the above providers.

  • Note that in order to be approved for Google AdSense for Video you will need to contact Livestream Premium Support. Google requires that channels meet minimum viewership requirements and be reviewed by Google prior to approval.


Once you have entered your provider ID in the Manage Advertising section you will be able to begin serving ads on your channel.

  • Note that you will need to monitor your ad revenue and make any changes to your ad partner account directly through the console on the website of your ad partner.

For more details on advertising contact Livestream Premium Support through the contact section of your Livestream Premium Studio.

Adap.TV Companion Ads

Adap.TV now offers producers the ability to embed the Livestream Premium player with a 300x250 companion ad.

To do so: 1. Add the javascript file in the web page by putting the following tag in the <head> section of the webpage:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. Add an html div tag to contain the ad somewhere on the webpage. It has to have an id attribute of 'adaptvCompanionAd' so that the player knows to put the ad. Ads are 300x250 in size.

3. Ensure that the player is embedded with allowScriptAccess="always" and wmode="opaque" or "transparent".

4. Configure a zone that has those ads enabled on the Adap.TV console and set that zone in the Livestream Premium studio.

Manage Analytics

In addition to the Livestream Analytics suite, Livestream integrates with third party providers including Google Analytics, Omniture and Quantcast. These can be configured from the Manage Advertising section of the Configure Channel tab on Premium channels.


Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you have full access to Google's suite of analytics for tracking views on your channels. To get started:

1. Create a new website profile in Google Analytics for tracking content on your channel This will help to keep your Livestream traffic separate from any other websites you track. If you have a Premium network plan you may want to create multiple profiles for tracking multiple channels.

2. Add your Google Analytics ID into the Provider Account field in your Livestream Premium Studio.

3. Any traffic on your Livestream channel will appear in your Google Analytics account.

image:Picture 103.png

The dashboard shows an overview of total traffic as well as where all viewers are coming from geographically and on the web, as well as a snapshot of the most popular content. From here you can drilldown into more detailed analytics and demographics.

image:Picture 102.png

The Content Drilldown provides traffic details on live and on-demand content. Disregard the Dummy page, this is used by Livestream internally to measure length of stay. Below this will be listed each piece of on-demand content and the average viewing duration.


The Visitors Section provides demographic data on your viewers including the technical specs of their systems, duration of stay and geographic location (below).



You can now integrate your Livestream Premium Channel with Omniture. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

1. Channel Configuration Page

  • After logging into to your Account Center, click the "Configure" Button to the right of your channel.
  • Scroll down the page to the "Analytics" section. Select Omniture.
  • Enter your Omniture information.


2. Add Omniture Information to the Embed Tag.

  • You can specify all the parameters for Omniture by adding an "omniture." prefix before the properties and adding to the script.


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