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Release notes for the player API

We occasionally release new versions of the player API that include various bug fixes and improvements. Event though each release should be backwards compatible, you can check this page for a list of changes that have been made between every release.

v.20 - 08.10.10

  • This version saw a major overhaul in an effort to make the player api more lightweight and performant on all platforms. The swf is now located here:, independently of wether you're developing for flash, flex, html or using one of our partner plugins.

v.11 - 10.22.09

  • New faster player connection code
  • Removed unused function from the API: interference, powerbutton, setIsOn, affiliate
  • Added playbackTimeEvent that reports current play time for on-demand clips
  • fix for stuck on thumbnail bug
  • isLive is now accessible with the right value right after the connectionEvent
  • bufferFull / bufferEmpty events fire consistently
  • added aspectWidth / aspectHeight parameters to be able to set the aspect ratio
  • fix for ad not being clickable in fullscreen mode
  • reconnect automatically on connection rejected
  • mute sound when overlay ad is clicked
  • fix for stream with preroll not playing occasionally (black screen)
  • removed default flash preloader
  • fix for resize failing after fullscreen mode bug
  • fix for bug with quick stop/play toggle
  • fix for ticker too wide bug
  • fix for null track exception
  • fix for playbackCompleteEvent / stop() call loop
  • store meta data for better fullscreen behavior on pause

v. 8 - 09.30.09

  • fix for aspect ratio of thumbnails for live channels
  • fix for tremor related occasional slow tune-in
  • fix for fullscreen bug when activating fullscreen while player is stopped
  • fix for ticker being too wide on certain aspect ratios
  • added isPlaying flag

v. 6 - 09.25.09

  • jwplayer fixes: sizing / play-start
  • on-demand thumbnail gets grabbed from the middle of the clip
  • show error messages on player
  • brightcove: added 'channel' and 'autoPlay' flashVar / fix for fullscreen display issue
  • new fullscreen logic with better performance / quality
  • added metaData attribute, returns an object with 'width' and 'height' of the playing clip / stream