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The Player API gives you control over Livestream video streaming. Configure basic settings, drive the player interface, or even build your own player controls.
Important: In order to be able to use the Livestream Player API, you need to request a developer key here.
We occasionally update the API with backward compatible changes that are listed here.


The Flash API (Actionscript 3) gives developers an easy way to integrate the Livestream Player API in an existing Flash project. We provide a Flash component for easy integration of the Livestream Player. You can find the full Flash API documentation here.
You can checkout these example implementations: CSPAN Grid, Mandela Day Player, Twitcam Player


Livestream provides an easy to use API for HTML developers so that users may seamlessly integrate a chrome-less player in their own user experience.

In order to do that, HTML developers can embed a special flash application hosted on the livestream servers and interact with it using javascript. You can find the full HTML API documentation here.
Here's a sample implementation: Full HTML example


The Flex API is geared towards developers who want to integrate the player into their own Flex project. The component to load in your Flex application is a regular Flex module, with which you can interact using various functions and by listening to events. You can find the full Flex API documentation here.

Live Thumbnail API

The Live Thumbnail API provides a way to get close to real-time thumbnails for any Livestream channel, which gives you the ability to periodically retrieve screenshots of the currently running video stream. You can find the documentation for the Live Thumbnail API here.

Combining the Channel API and the Player API

You can find an example of how to use the channel API with the player API here.

Player API ActionScript 3 Documentation

The full ActionScript 3 documentation of the player API is available here