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Broadcast to Livestream Using Wirecast

We are excited to announce that the new release of Telestream Wirecast now allows you to stream directly to Livestream and Livestream Premium. Download the trial version below to test it out for free:

Download Wirecast 3.5 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download Wirecast 3.5 for Mac

Telestream’s Wirecast webcasting production software is the affordable 21st century alternative to expensive television broadcast hardware. For less than $500, Wirecast users can quickly and easily capture live events and create professional video webcasts on computers or laptops for real-time web distribution from any location. All users need is a computer and an internet connection for broadcasting and viewing.

Wirecast is useful for a broad range of users and business needs, including broadcasting of live press or sports events, entertainment, university lectures, live business presentations, marketing or training and more. Wirecast makes it easy for anyone to share live experiences and build a global community.

Wirecast is available for a free trial and on-line purchase at It is also available for purchase through a network of Telestream resellers and affiliates. Wirecast language support includes English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Japanese. More information is available at


Configure the Wirecast Broadcast Settings

1. From the menu bar, choose "Broadcast," then "Broadcast Settings."

2. From the Encoder Presets menu choose one of the Flash Encoder Presets:

  • Advanced users may select "edit" to further tailor the encoding settings to your preference.

Note that recording is not currently enabled for H.264 content, video streamed through Wirecast will need to be uploaded to Livestream Studio after the broadcast is complete to make it available on-demand.


3. For destination, Choose Mogulus (Livestream) and then enter the channel you want to stream to, username and password

Note that for Livestream Free channels you will need to ensure that the total encoding bitrate is set no higher than 500Kbps.

4. From the Broadcast tab go to Network Broadcast and then Start all to begin encoding.

That's it! You can now go live on your Livestream channel.