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Free Plan Storage Limits

All Livestream Free Plans include 10 GB of free storage per month (over 3,000 minutes of video) per our terms. The storage limit is per account, not per channel, so storage is cumulative across all of your Free channels. If you are over the storage limit, you have three options:

  • Delete videos and/or storyboards manually until you fall below the 10 GB storage limit.
  • Authorize payment for storage overages to continue storing more than the 10 GB of video.
  • If you take no action, video files will be automatically deleted from your channels based on the logic described here.

How can I tell if I’m over the storage limit?

If you are over the storage limit and have not authorized payment for additional storage, you will receive an alert when you login to your account at

In addition, at any time, you can see your current aggregate storage levels for your Free Plan in the Billing tab of your Account Center.


  • Note that if you upload, record, or delete video files, your billing statement may take up to three hours to refresh with new levels.

You can also monitor your storage levels for each channel on the My Channels tab in your Account Center by viewing the number of GB next to the Storage icon for each channel.

How to Delete Videos

Deleting videos and storyboards

To manually delete videos and storyboards, see How to Delete Videos. After a few hours, check your Billing Statement to make sure you are under the 10 GB free storage limit. To avoid automatic deletion of videos or storyboards, make sure to monitor your storage levels so they remain under 10 GB."

Authorizing Free Plan storage overage charges

It’s easy to increase your storage levels beyond the 10 GB limit included in the Free Plan. Simply enter your credit card and billing information into our system and you will be charged monthly for any excess storage you use. To authorize increased storage:

1. Enter a valid credit card and billing information in the Edit Payment Method screen in Your Account. 

The form will simply validate your billing data, and no charges will be billed until the end of each month that you exceed the 10 GB limit.


2. You will be billed at a rate of USD $1.50 per GB per month (roughly 30 cents per hour of video) for any overages, if applicable, at the end of each month.

3. You can monitor your storage usage and expected bill at any time by viewing your Billing Statement.

Automatic Video Deletion

If you are over the 10 GB Free storage allocation, and you do not delete your videos, and do not enter a valid method of payment, our system will automatically delete videos from your channels until you are under the 10 GB limit according to the following logic:

  • First, if you have more than one Free channel, we will begin deleting videos from your Free channels beginning with the one using the most storage and moving to the one using the least storage. 

  • For each Free channel, videos that are not offered on-demand or in your auto-pilot will be deleted if that option is available.

  • Next, videos will be deleted from bottom to top of your library until your storage levels fall under 10 GB.