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Launch your channel
After signing up, choose your channel's name.
Configure your channel
Set up your profile and style your channel.
Manage your library
Gather up and organize your favorite clips and recorded live shows.
Broadcast live
Cue up your camera and your clips. You're live!
Go live with Webcaster.
Record your live show
Record your Camera broadcasts to play back later.
Use motion graphics
Add motion graphics like you'd see in a major network news broadcast.
Go on autopilot
Put your channel on autopilot so your viewers will always have something interesting to watch.
Set up your team
Assemble a team of producers. Be live 24/7.
Embed your player
After you've started broadcasting, you will want to put your channel on the Web. The Get Player tab provides customized code you can copy and paste anywhere on the Web.
Add a Livestream channel to Web pages, blogs, or Facebook.
Additional Live Encoders
Stream using different sources like your mobile phone, Flash Media Encoder or On2 Flix Live.
Tips and tricks for your live broadcast.
Livestream FAQ
Livestream FAQ
Livestream Player - Viewer F.A.Q.
Viewer FAQ
Storage Cleanup Wizard
Clean up your content


You will find all the APIs documentation, examples and files on this Wiki. Get an overview of all the APIs here, or directly jump to a specific api:


System requirements
What you need to get started!