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The Mac version of Procaster has entered public release. We will be updating this page with news, releases, as well as offering updates automatically via the auto-update feature of Procaster Mac itself.

Download the Mac release version from here

Have a question - (even if you don't) check out the FAQ for tips to become a better producer.


Version History

Version 20.3 of Procaster

Version 20.3.25 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.3.25 is now available for download!

We've made some improvements to Procaster that makes the software more reliable and functional. These updates mostly improve functionality, but we've added a couple new features as well. Here are the changes:

    • Desktop capture in Mountain Lion. You can now broadcast your screen on Macs.
    • Fixed crashes when Memory gets low. This makes the application more reliable.
    • Better stability when cameras have a fluctuating frame rate. When using cameras with different frame rates, Procaster is now more reliable.
    • Fixed disconnect/reconnect in Blackmagic cards and H.264 recorder. Procaster now reconnects to Blackmagic cards properly.
    • Fixed several time issues with Blackmagic cards. Makes Procaster more reliable with Blackmagic cards.
    • Memory Leak fixes. Improves performance.
    • Fixed audio format detection with certain Blackmagic Devices. Audio will now be detected and play properly.
    • Fixed camera settings storage.
    • Audio Mixer is now displayed on the same screen as control bar when live. Makes mixing easier when live.

Version 20.3.0 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.3 is now available for download!

Livestream Procaster 20.3 Release Notes The Livestream Procaster 20.3 release is focused on stability and bug fixes.

Notable Bug Fixes and improvements:

    • Procaster was crashing with the latest BlackMagic Decklink Driver version 9.5. We fixed this to ensure Procaster will no longer crash when using the latest BlackMagic Decklink Driver Version 9.5.
    • Procaster would sometimes stop with "Capture Card Async Detected Errors" We made improvements to ensure this will no longer occur.
    • We added a new feature that gives the ability to select your own input aspect ratio.
    • We added a new feature that enables the Livestream Procaster window to stay "Always on top." After installing Livestream Procaster, this feature is set to off by default. The ‘Always on Top’ feature can be turned on in the Preferences dialog on the Desktop Tab.

Full list of bug fixes and improvements:

    • Audio Improvements:
      • Overall audio performance has been improved.
      • Procaster was sometimes dropping audio during the start and/or finish of a broadcast. This is fixed and will no longer occur.
      • Specific Improvements have been made to improve audio for Windows XP users.
    • Supported Device Improvements:
      • Added Component RGB and Component YUV video input type support for Osprey devices.
      • Procaster was showing multiple definitions from the BlackMagic API in the dropdown source menu. This has been fixed to show the accurate definitions.
      • Procaster now supports capture devices without any audio.
    • Input Fixes:
      • Procaster was sometimes showing a camera busy error when it wasn’t in use. This has been fixed to accurately show camera status.
      • Procaster was saving input selection parameters after clicking the "Cancel" button. This has been fixed to ensure input selection parameters are reverted.
    • Broadcasting Fixes:
      • Previously the hotkeys could start a broadcast while the Preferences dialog was open. Procaster 20.3 will not allow a broadcast to start while Preferences dialog is open.
      • Procaster was sometimes stopping when a device was plugged/unplugged while broadcasting live. This has been fixed to better support plug/unplug while broadcasting
    • Aspect Ratio and Cropping:
      • The aspect ratio detection and cropping have been improved to be more accurate.

Version 20.2 of Procaster

Version 20.2.69 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.2.69 is now available for download!

    • Increased detection if a supported Mac OsX version is installed, and will give you a suggested version if your system does not support this (Mac OsX 10.6.0 and above are supported)
    • DV Camera fixes:
      • Increased stability with longer disconnections (for example a tape on a loop)
      • Increased stability during the beginning of a broadcast
      • Now able to use the DV camera more than once
    • Audio improvements:
      • Removed audio ticks and stutters
      • Increased the Audio quality
      • Audio bitrates and sample-rates have been increased in higher qualities
    • Improved Matrox MX02 support (separate input dialog, synchronization)
    • Improved Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder Support
    • Better overall synchronization on non-certified devices
    • Better support during video streaming when devices are connected and disconnected
    • Improvements of RGB conversion speed
    • Graphical User Interface improvements

Version 20.2.39 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.2.39 is now available for download!

    • Fixed an issue with the Desktop Audio introduced in version 20.2.28!

Version 20.2.28 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.2.28 is now available for download!

    • At last, a rock solid version of Livestream Procaster for OSX that is far more stable than 20.2.0
    • A fix for crashes caused by a variety of issues including a memory leak
    • An increase of the overal performance
    • Don't worry, you don't have to restart your Mac after installing this update
    • Experimental support for the following new certified devices:
      • Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt device)
      • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio 3D (Thunderbolt device)
      • Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro Recorder (USB 2.0 Device - works on older Mac laptops)
      • Matrox MX02 Product Line
    • Comming soon: A version of Livestream Procaster for OSX version (20.3) which will be released in early January 2012 with full support of HDMI and HD-SDI devices for laptops

Version 20.2.0 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.2 is now available for download!

The Livestream development team is proud to bring you Livestream Procaster for Mac version 20.2. We have been working over the last 6 months on making Livestream Procaster the most easy-to-use, high quality live streaming encoder in the world. We trust that you will enjoy this update. LEOPARD (10.5) IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED, MINIMUM REQUIRED VERSION IS NOW SNOW LEOPARD (10.6).

This page is also available on our user guide at

New Features in version 20.2

    • -Major video and audio quality improvements with improved bit rate usage control
    • -Perfect Audio/Video Synchronization live and on-demand. Previous versions had various issues with lipsync during long encoding sessions
    • -Reduced CPU usage when streaming
    • -Stream at higher bitrate over the same Internet connection: Improved the connection usage, so that you can utilize utilize your connection more efficiently.
    • -New easy to understand status message in the control bar with suggested solutions :
      • -“Perfect Streaming” means that your stream is being sent to the Livestream server perfectly. No lag and no connection or CPU issues.
      • -“CPU above 80% try closing other apps or stop lower quality” means that your CPU usage is above 80% and that you should close some other applications. When your CPU reaches 100%, Procaster may stop broadcasting.
      • -“Internet too slow for quality avoid shared connections or stop and lower quality” means that Procaster is not getting the full bandwidth it needs to stream and you should lower the quality of streaming in the main window.
      • -“Lost internet connection. Attempting to reconnect. Local MP4 still recording.” Means that your internet connection fully dropped and that Procaster is trying to reconnect. The local recording will always keep recording.
      • -The CPU usage is also now shown in the control bar now.
    • -New behaviours to better handle connection bandwidth fluctuation and drops :
      • -Anti lag feature - When enabled (default), it will keep the delay between you and your viewer, up to a maximum of 10 seconds. The local MP4 file recording will always have all the frames, even if anti-lag kicks in
      • -Continue to encode and record locally even when the internet connection is dropped - When your internet connection suddenly drops, Procaster will continue recording and will go live again once you have regained connectivity. This can also be used to switch from one internet connection to another when experiencing an issue.
    • -HD Multi-bitrate Support on browser and mobile devices:
      • -You can now select qualities to stream at two, three or four bitrates at the same time (If you have enough resources - CPU/Memory/Bandwidth etc…).
      • -The new Livestream Player now offers the ability for the user to select any of the streams you are publishing from Livestream Procaster.
      • -When viewing your live stream on iPad and iPhone devices, the bitrate is automaticallyt selected (adaptive) based on the viewers connection and the number of qualities you are encoding from Procaster.
      • -Note: This only currently works with live streams, the recorded stream will be the main default stream (typically a 450-600Kbps stream)
    • -Recording of all qualities to your “Movies” folder by default
    • -The ability to select a different folder to save local recordings.
    • -“Preview Only” channel option. This mode will only allow you to test your stream for 5 minutes
    • -Improved detection on the removal and adding of audio devices
    • -Perfect audio synchronization and the recorded files can be edited in Adobe Premiere and in Final Cut Pro.
    • -Color Corrector Feature : Improve colors and brightness within Procaster by enabling the color corrector feature
    • -Long recordings can be played back in Windows Media Player
    • -Various Graphical User Interface fixes, such as:
      • -Language fixes
      • -Support for multiple monitors
      • -Audio mixer can now be controlled with the arrow keys when you click a volume slider

Version 20.0 of Procaster

Version 20.0.89 of Procaster

Procaster version 20.0.89 is now available for download!

This version features - New H264 Encoder, which greatly enhances broadcasting quality for the same or lower bitrate.

- Full HD/SD support for the following certified input hardware cards, including custom input selector built-in to Procaster (No need to learn and use the device driver software to configure):

- ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ** Blackmagic Design DeckLink Card Range (HD-SDI, HDMI, SDI, Component, Composite, S-VIDEO

- Improved audio-synchronization and related bug fixes

- Improved Audio Mixer Meters

- New simplified and optimized quality settings: - Mobile Quality (198 Kbps) - Normal Quality (414 Kbps) - High & Mobile – Stereo (876 Kbps) - High & Mobile – Mono (844 Kbps)

- High & Mobile sends two video streams to the Livestreams servers. The "High" stream is used for the Web player and the Mobile stream is used for Mobile playback (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) on[channel_name] or our iPhone application.

- We will introduce, new settings including a triple stream option called: “HD, High & Mobile” once the Livestream player supports user selection of bitrate (for live and on-demand archive). The HD will 1280x720p resolution at 1.5Mbps.

- New Feature to name and save or delete a recording directly from Procaster. This option is shown once you stop a live stream.

- Various bug fixes and crash fixes.

Version 20.0.61 of Procaster

This version features:

  • Better High and HD H.264 qualities
  • Added new Normal+Mobile multi-bitrate setting
  • Automatic audio selection for certified devices
  • Allow only desktop broadcasting (without a camera)
  • Simpler Auto mixing (no normalization)
  • Automated lost signal processing (for loose camera cables)
  • UK keyboard keys now all work
  • Login fix for users with extra long channel list
  • Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes

Version 20.0.53 of Procaster

Version 53 fixes several bugs that were found on previous releases:

  • 1. Audio mixer crash fix
  • 2. UK keyboard keys now do work
  • 3. Misc bugs fixed

Version 2.0 of Procaster

Version 2.0.46 of Procaster

Version 46 fixes several bugs that were found on previous releases, as well as adding a small but exciting new feature:

  • 1. No discoloration on Mobile streams
  • 2. Full customization and sizing of the screen capture area
  • 3. Misc bugs fixed

Version 2.0.43 or Procaster

Version 43 fixes several bugs that were found on previous releases::

  • 1. Out of memory warning does not stops the stream now
  • 2. When not streaming, Procaster does not mute the audio anymore
  • 3. Dual screen bugs fixed
  • 4. Player link now opens an external browser

Known issue

  • Mobile-only quality and some custom qualities where width is not divided by 4, would have discoloration

Version 2.0.42 of Procaster

New Features:

  • All streams are H264 with AAC Audio (On2 VP6 no longer supported)
  • Highly optimized multi-core support for encoding. Procaster takes advantage of your Quad-core CPUs
  • One-click broadcast to mobile and web simultaneously. Multi-bitrate and multi-platform support. Use the "High + Mobile Quality" to send a 700Kbps stream to the web player and a 300 Kbps to the mobile player on[your channel]. You will need enough bandwidth (1.5 Mbps upload) and CPU (Quad core recommended) to support this feature
  • Full real-time audio mixer with Nordic compliant PPM to monitor volume level
    • Add as many audio sources as you have
    • Auto-mix adjusts volume automatically
  • Auto-convert camera aspect ratio to 16/9 (16/9 is the default for all profiles)
  • One-button log-out and application exit. Application no longer start on computer startup as default
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and more

Version 2.0.35 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Audio sync issue fix
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.0.33 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Less crashes
  • Blinking icon
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.0.31 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Change to Safari browser to reduce Flash crashes
  • Bug fix for device start crashes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.0.27 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Improved h264 quality
  • Flashing broadcasting icon
  • Separate uninstall script (under /Library/Application Support)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.0.24 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Preview-only mode
  • Full screen preview (projector mode)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Known Issues:

  • No camera selection from main dialog

Version 2.0.21 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Better broadcasting quality
  • Misc. bug fixes

Version 2.0.20 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Full dual screen support
  • Input cropping
  • Auto restart
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Better crash reports

Version 2.0.18 of Procaster

New Features:

  • Full support for speaker's sound
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Automated crash reports

Major Known Bugs

  • Unstable Quicktime encoding
  • No dual screen support

Version 2.0.10 of Procaster

  • Support for speaker's sound (via Soundflower)
  • Better performance on DV Cam
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Broadcasting with non-administrator account
  • Local video recording
  • Toggle green brackets on/off

Download Links

20.3.25: download here

20.3.0: download here

20.2.69: download here

20.2.39: download here

20.2.28: download here

20.2.0: download here

20.0.61: download here

20.0.61: download here

20.0.53: download here

2.0.43: download here

2.0.35: download here

2.0.33: download here

2.0.27: download here

2.0.24: download here

2.0.21: download here

2.0.20: download here

2.0.18: download here

2.0.10: download here

2.0.7: download here