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Thank you for using the Livestream Livepack

The Livestream Livepack comes complete with hardware from Liveu including a LU-30 pack as well as a backpack. The Livepack also offers streaming capabilities provided by Livestream. When the two units are combined, you, the producer get the best experience possible while streaming from remote locations

The technology provided aggregates the bandwidth from six built-in 3G modems in order to get the highest possible available bitrate. Maximum redundancy and reliability is achieved even if one or two of the networks are not available or have very poor connectivity (i.e. the technology can usually get a high quality stream out to the Livestream Platform).

Your Choices

Livepack currently provides the following broadcasting options when streaming live:

- 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio

- Specific channel destination on the Livestream platform

- One touch live broadcasting (isAutoLive=true) or stream management within the Livestream Studio (isAutoLive=false)

Livestream allows you to stream to your channel using either our Free, ad-based service, or our Premium white label service (please note that plan special pricing is available for Livepack users.)

Livestream also gives you the option to stream in one of two different aspect ratio’s, 4:3 or 16:9.

Finally the producer has the choice to either go auto-live, which allows you to stream directly to your channel, or to not choose auto-live, which streams the feed into your Livestream studio, where it can be cued by whoever is monitoring the stream in the studio. Please note that when you choose (isAutoLive=true) everything you play on your channel will be recorded into your studio.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with the Livestream Livepack


To power up the unit please press and hold the blue button [shown below] for five seconds.

Once the initialization process has begun, the unit should take between four and five minutes to power up.

After the unit has fully powered up, you should see the following screen.


Livestream provides each Livepack user with a unique server directed from their Livepack to their Livestream channel. In order to connect to this server you may need to manually enter the IP address provided by Livestream.

In order to augment the IP address please push the “Configuration” button.

Once in the Configuration section you can click on the numbers in the IP address and use the on-screen number pad to change the sequence in order to direct your Livepack to your server and your Livestream channel.


Once the unit is has initialized, you will want to connect it to the 3G networks. You can do so by hitting the “Connect” button on the VIDEO screen [please note this will take roughly four minutes]

Monitor Connectivity

After the unit has connected you can view the strength of the connection by pushing the "Interfaces" button in the "Configuration" tab. Once in the interfaces section you can monitor the number of modems that are connected, the strength of the signal, and the bitrate that each modem is moving information at.


In order to change the broadcast quality, please enter the “Configuration” section.

Under the “Profile” section on the left-hand side you will see a drop-down with one of the following options displayed

- Interview (lowest quality) pushes the stream out as fast as possible. The stream takes roughly 8 seconds to publish, but allows for reduction in quality due to compromised connection or lost packets during transfer

- Balanced ideal for production with high cell reception. The stream takes roughly 15 seconds to publish, and has a small buffer in place to recover lost packets and guarantee quality.

- Max Quality ideal for production with limited cell reception. The stream takes roughly 32 seconds to publish and has a large buffer in place to recover lost packets and guarantee quality.

Please select the quality that best fits the needs of you broadcast. We would recommend using either Balanced or Max Quality in order to ensure no packets are lost when transferring the video.


-Please note that the total bitrate you are broadcasting at must be below the maximum bitrate your channel is set to. IE: if you channel is set to 700kbps your combined (audio and video) bitrate output should also be set on or below 700kbps

-Enter the bitrate section by choosing the "Settings" tab in the "Configuration" section. Here you will have the opportunity to alter both the video bitrate and the audio bitrate. Both are essentially the quality at which the audio and video are broadcasted.


After the Livepack has initialized and connected a camera with a DV output should be connected to the firewire port of the Livepack. The Firewire ports are the two ports on the top right, above the USB ports.


The final step to connect to begin broadcasting to your Livestream channel/studio is as easy as pushing “Play.”


When you are finished using the Livepack, please return to the following address:


Please ensure that the unit will be returned to the following address on or before the final day of the contract or else you will be responsible for payment for service for the following month.

Park 80 West, Plaza II, Suite 200

Saddle Brook NJ 07663

Thank you for renting the Livestream Livepack and if you have any more questions feel free to email us at Premium Support