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How do I set up Flash Media encoder for Livestream?

1. Download it free from Adobe: Flash Media Encoder

Flash Media Encoder is available on MAC and PC, for a list of compatible devices click here

Note: The latest version of Flash Media Encoder includes the latest codecs so there is no major advantage to using On2 Flix Live encoder.

2. Open the application.


3. Configure 'FMS URL':



Replace info (remove the brackets):

[your_channel] with your channel name [your_username] with your username [your_password] with your password

NOTE: your password may not contain special characters. Only letters and numbers are allowed.

Set isAutoLive=true if you want the feed to go live on your channel immediately bypassing the need to cue the camera and press record in the Studio.

Set isAutoLive=false if you simply want the feed to appear as a camera in your Livestream studio and manually control it when you cue it and go live from the studio. By doing this the Flash Media Encoder signal will show up as "External Feed" in the cameras menu and you will be able to add graphic overlays and use the studio as if it is a separate camera.

Configure 'Stream' : Pick any name without a space or special characters. Note: if you are sending multiple Flash Media Encoder feeds to your Studio make sure you name them differently or they will not show up in the studio correctly.

Make sure "autoadjust" is unchecked.

If you check the "Save to file" box you can save a backup of what is encoded to your desktop.

4. Press Start


Advanced FME Options

Add any of the following parameters at the end of your RTMP URL :

/autoVOD=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the Video on Demand list /autoAutopilot=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the auto-pilot playlist

Aspect Ratio Conversion support: /aspectWidth=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parameter to 16 /aspectHeight=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parameter to 9

If your channel is configured to be 4/3 aspect ratio, it would letter box your 16/9 feed and display it correctly. If you did you not set the aspect ratio properties and your feed was 16/9 - Livestream would assume it was a 4/3 feed and display it as 4/3 - which would be incorrect for a 16/9 feed.

/bufferTime=[x sec]

Allows you to set the buffer time of the live streaming in the player. By default this is very low (0.5 seconds) Increase if you use a unreliable connection during a live Flash Media Encoder broadcast.

/autoRecord=true to activate auto-record

/autoRecord=false to deactivate auto-record