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How do I verify my Livestream Channel?

  • First, make sure your content complies with the Livestream Terms of use (note that if your channel is found to be in violation of the terms of use, the channel may be shutdown).
  • Next, log into the Livestream Account Center and select the Channels tab. Here, you will see the Verification status of each of your Livestream Free channels. To Verify a channel, click on the link and fill out the Livestream Free Channel Verification Application.


  • To complete the application, you will need the following information. The application will be pre-populated with any information you have already entered in the Livestream Studio. Required fields have a star (*):

Channel Details & Metadata:

  • Channel Full Name*
  • Category*
  • Rating*
  • Time Zone*
  • Language*
  • Country*
  • Description*
  • Tags*
  • Website
  • Embedded Player URL
  • Twitter Account

Channel Images 
(JPG, GIF or PNG format)

  • Channel Logo (250 x 250 pixel)*
  • Banner (960 x 80 pixel)
  • Feature Graphic (300 x 250 pixel)


  • Target Gender
  • Target Age Range
  • Primary Geographic Market*
  • Estimated Viewers*


  • Live Event Broadcast Hours / Month
  • Uploaded Content Hours / Month
  • Primary Broadcast Use (Live, Linear, On-Demand)*
  • Long-Term Vision for Your Channel
  • Upcoming Events