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Stream Live from a Mobile Phone! Powered by Livestream Partner


Setting up your Qik phone


You can stream live from your mobile phone. Everything you record can be immediately transmitted to your Livestream channel without the need to log in to the Livestream Studio.

What you need:

A Qik compatible phone: click here to see list

A 3G data plan (Mobile phone streaming does work using Edge/GPRS, but is of lower quality and less reliable).

The Qik application.

Set up your Qik phone in four easy steps:

1) Register for an account at and complete required information.

2) Under the settings tab, select "Profile" File:Qik_profile1.png

3) Select "My Networks" File:My networks.png

4) Click on the Livestream icon, log into your Livestream account, and enter your channel name at which you wish to stream.



File:Enter channel.png

  • Everything is recorded on
  • If you select "Auto go-live", it will stream directly into the channel, and record everything on both and
  • If you do not select "Auto go-live" and you want to record your broadcast, you will have to press "record" before you cue the Qik camera from within the Livestream Studio.

Now, open Qik on your device and start streaming.


The Qik application allows you to see the online chat in real time, making it a truly interactive experience.

By bringing Livestream and Qik together, you can enable multiple presenters/producers anywhere in the world to contribute live in a single continuous internet television channel. Just like a real TV station, but without the multi-million dollar broadcast trucks and staff.

The first demonstration of this capability was done for the US Election coverage by the Livestream channel The Uptake ( and Steve Garfield (

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