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Q: What is the Mogulus beta program?

Our beta program gives us the opportunity to test our software with real users, while hopefully catching and eliminating major bugs before the full release of the product. We'll be gathering feedback from experienced producers and knowledgeable viewers alike to make sure the software is as easy to use as possible. The beta program also gives us the chance to build our network capacity as we further develop our infrastructure.

Q: Do I have to be an experienced editor or videographer to create my own Mogulus channel?

Nope. Mogulus is breakthrough technology designed for simple, casual use. All you'll need is the desire to communicate, inform, and entertain. If you can use blog publishing platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, you won't have any problems using the Mogulus Studio.

Q: What do you guys mean when you call Mogulus "Live" Broadcasting?

When we say live, we really mean "live"! Just like you'd see on broadcast television. Our unique, patent pending technology allows Mogulus to virtually eliminate the now infamous 20-second delay common in the live streaming process. With Mogulus, the viewer experiences what the producer has put on the air in less than one second. Basically, everyone watching your channel can see exactly the same thing you see as you produce it. Think of the possibilities: you can use your web cam to cover a "live" news or sports event as it happens, you can spontaneously introduce and play back prepared clips, or switch back to your web cam commentary with ease.

Q: Can I embed my channel in other websites?

We have updated the Mogulus Beta site with the ability for anybody to pick up your channel embed tag and add it to any internet web page. So, while we remain in closed beta, you can already start broadcasting your channel to the world by embedding the Mogulus Player widget on any web page. Your viewers can see your channel on your blog, myspace, or personal website without any restrictions. You just need to copy the embed tag under the watch page in your channel and paste in the HTML to your other sites.

You can also add the player to your Facebook profile (and have your friends add it to theirs). Click the Add this channel to my facebook profile button and follow the instructions. For details on the many ways to embed Mogulus channels on the Web, go to the topic Tell your friends.


Q: When will you get of Beta and launch the official version?

Mogulus is currently in beta version. This means we are currently in the process of testing the website with your help. So, we need your feedback! We're planning a full public launch very soon, where anyone will be able to view, produce and embed their channels with total creative freedom.

Q: How much bandwidth do I need to produce content in the Mogulus studio?

For your production needs, we recommend a minimum of 500 Kbps. If you plan to use your webcam to broadcast live, we suggest at least 400 Kbps upload bandwidth. You can use this speed test to test your bandwidth (or use any other popular bandwidth tester).

Q: Can my friends and I really mix content in real-time?

Absolutely. The Mogulus studio is the ultimate collaborative multi-user application. Go ahead and try it: ask your friends to join your team and log in together. You'll see each other's web cams and you can search together, mix together and take turns with live broadcasts from your webcams.

Q: Where do I get the content for my channel?

You can gather content from video-on-demand web sites such as YouTube. Most videos on these sites include a license for rebroadcast. (However, some content may have been loaded without permission from the content owner and may not be copyright cleared. Be very careful: if you have doubts about the origin of some content, don't use it.)

Any content that was produced by people you invited to participate on your channel is clear for you to broadcast. You also have a default license to use and rebroadcast their image. These are conditions that all Mogulus users must agree to, as outlined in the terms and conditions of use.

Q: Do I need to worry about copyright issues?

In addition to your own original programming, you can also use existing copyright-free content on your broadcast. It is your responsibility to make sure the content you broadcast contains no copyright infringements. Mogulus will shut down any account that is reported to be breaching content copyrights.

Q: How is Mogulus different from YouTube, Metacafe and the other sites?

These sites enable you to post or watch video-on-demand clips. However, you must edit video clips using your own equipment before uploading them as a finished product to these sites. Unlike Mogulus, these sites don't provide the capability to mix live, or to broadcast a 24/7 live channel in real time. As a complimentary service, we integrate these sites into our interface as content sources.

Q: Does Mogulus work on Mac OS X?

You bet - we'd be crazy if it didn't.

Q: Does Mogulus work on Windows?

Again - we'd be crazy if it didn't.

Q: Does Mogulus work on Linux?

We are in the process of testing Mogulus for Linux users. If you happen to be a Linux user, feel free to apply for the beta. We're in the process of testing Mogulus for you, so we'll need your feedback.

Q: What's the best format to use when uploading high video quality?

We recommend using .mov (Quicktime) or .wmv (Windows Media) with MPEG4 or H264 compression. The video should also have at least 320x240 resolution.

Q: What is the maximum number of viewers who can watch my channel?

Currently, we have tried it with up to 3000 viewers but the limit should be much higher!

Q: How do I remove the viewer count icon from my Mogulus player?

To get rid of the viewer count on your embedded Mogulus player, uncheck the Show viewers check box in the Get player page and embed the resulting scripts.

Or, if you've already embeded the code, you can modify the embed tag to include the parameter "showviewers=false". For example:

<script src="http://www.mogulus.com/scripts/player.js?channel=mogulusoffice &bgcolor=0xffffff&color=0x999999&showviewers=false&width=454&height= 389&on=true" type="text/javascript"></script>

Unfortunately, the viewer count cannot be removed from the Player on the Mogulus website.

Q: I have forgotten my password. How do I log back into the site?

Just click the "Forgot your password?" link on the Mogulus Studio login page and enter your username and email address. We will send you a temporary password you can use to log in. Once you are back in, you will be able to change the interim password using the "change password" option.

Q: How do I remove a clip from my storyboard?

Just click on the "x" at the top right corner of the clip. Sometimes, the "x" icon is not immediately visible, particularly if a clip has a light colored background. We are working on a solution for this problem, but we recommend just guessing the position of the "x", since the position is always the same.

Q: How do I remove the "Congratulations For Launching Your Channel" phrase that goes across the bottom of my channel's screen?

To remove or change this phrase, click on the Broadcast Live tab located at the top right corner of the Mogulus studio window. Then, click on the Ticker tab, located at the bottom right of the window. Overwrite the old text with some new text related to your channel. When you click the Show tab, and you'll see your new text scrolling in your channel.

Q: How do I delete a channel I no longer need?

Users are not able to manually delete their own channels. If you wish to delete one of your channels, contact the Mogulus team at info@mogulus.com.

Q: How do I connect a camera, other than a webcam?

Mogulus enables you to work with a large panel of inputs. Choose your camera input by right-clicking over the Broadcast Live page and selecting Settings from the menu.


Be sure that you select "Allow camera" and not "Deny".


Then go to the camera tab and make sure you picked the right input among the options presented.


You can try each to find which input corresponds to your computer. To see if it works, click for a preview in the blue square where the camera icon is located.

Q: How can I broadcast to people with a low bandwidth connection?

We designed Mogulus especially to enable our producers to broadcast worldwide, to anybody with a decent computer and connection.

If your viewers have a very low connection and you are streaming live from your camera, try going to Settings located next to your camera preview on the left side of the Broadcast live screen, and reduce your image quality to "low". For pre-recorded content, we suggest you use low-byte-rated video clips.

Q: How can I delete my logo if I don't want to keep it?

You can choose to hide or show your logo by one simple click. In the Broadcast Live tab, click on Branding tab in the lower right corner. Then choose to show or hide your bug.

Q: Can I connect external sources to my studio (like DVD's, video mixers,...) and use them as a source to broadcast live instead of the webcam?

Yes, you can! You can use encoding devices such as Dazzle who appear as cameras inside your Mogulus Studio when installed. http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Products/Consumer+Products/Home+Video/Dazzle/?dz=1

Q: Can I broadcast a phone line live?

We do not provide simple live audio streaming, however, one of our dear producers Moohead (http://www.mogulus.com/mooheadradio) has a radio show and has given us his recipe for sound streaming:

Here is the entire audio chain:

Behringer B-1 Mic plugged via XLR connector to a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro Mixer. Mixer Tape Out to line in of desktop (this is for the audio stream and audio archive of the show)

Phone Calls: We use a Comrex Stac 6 phone interface mated with 2 Vonage IP phone lines plus a transparent 877 number from Vonage. This allows our viewers to call in toll free! We use a standard handset phone that hooks into the Stac 6 handset hardware. I answer calls as the lines light up. The Stac 6 controls caller levels.

Studio cohost: We use 2 Comrex Access units. These devices connect my co-host and I together through the internet WITHOUT TYING UP A PHONE LINE! The Comrex Access connects to a static IP port in my cable modem. Even though we are 2000 miles apart, we sound like we are in the studio together. The Comrex Access utilizes low latency audio codecs so we have virtually no lag, as well as high fidelity. This is important because it enables us to send one high quality audio signal to the Mogulus studio, containing both of us, as well as our phone callers.

Mogulus Studio: Next we run from the Main Out of our Mackie Console to the Line In of a laptop that is ethernet connected to my cable modem. We have a 15Mbps download, 2Mbps upload broadband connection. This sends all of our show audio to the Mogulus Studio, so everyone can be heard. Finally, we connect the laptop USB out to our Mackie Channel strip, using a USB sound card. This enables viewers to hear all audio from the videos we pull from the internet and create ourselves. All we do is "un-mute" the channel whenever we run a video that originates from the Mogulus Studio.

Video: I use a Canon GL1 3 CCD camera plugged into the laptop via firewire. This camera can be manually adjusted for low light performance. My co-host uses a standard high end webcam!

The end result is a program with sound quality that equals FM radio at its best.

Q: What about the format of my logo?

Your logo should be a still logo, in .jpeg, .gif, or .png. It should not exceed 120 pixels.

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation mail after signing up. What should I do?

A confirmation mail is sent to you automatically as soon as you finish signing up. If you don't receive it right away, this could be the reason:

-You typed a typo in your mail address while signing up.

-The confirmation mail ended up in your spam. Please make sure your spam filter enables info@mogulus.com to reach your inbox.

For further help, send a message to Mogulus using the feedback tool.

Q: I can't get past the first step when configuring my channel. What did I do wrong?

If you are configuring your channel for the first time, you should enter all required information. Missing or incorrect information will be outlined in red.

Check the:

  • Mandatory fields:

Mandatory fields are noted with an asterisk. You should select each of them to enable you to go to the next step.


  • Description:

The description of your channel shouldn't be longer than 500 characters. If trespassing, the field will be outlined in red.


Q: How do I change my password?

If you want to change your password, go inside the studio and click on the owner tab in the upper right corner of the Mogulus studio.


A window with all the details about your profile will pop up and allow you to make changes.


Click on 'change password' and enter your new password.


Note: your password should be at least 6 characters (numbers/letters) long!