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Start broadcasting like a pro! In this section, you will find links and advices about the best equipment and setup, such as suggested by the Mogulus producers.




Every webcam should do the job! Whether you have an in built camera or an external webcam, plug it into your computer and select the input in your videosources. Be careful: IP camera's are not supported by Flash and do not work in the Mogulus studio!

The webcams we suggest: [1]


With Mogulus, you can also use videocameras. Connect your videocamera to your computer, using a Firewire or USB cable. You can then select it in the videosources!

Any DV, HD,... camera should do the job!

Please check with your camera provider if your device is Flash supported!

Connect only one camera per computer! If you wish to use multiple camera's, plug them into different computers and login to your studio on each computer. You can then switch easily from one camera to another.

For more information on audio and video set ups, go to :



Chroma Key software

Chroma Key hardware

TV Tuner Card

How to set up multiple cameras