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Livestream can be effectively used with nothing more than a Webcam but producers can also integrate higher end DV Cameras and other external devices to create an unparalleled live broadcast experience.


Web Cams

Every web cam should do the job! Whether you have an in built camera or an external webcam, plug it into your computer and select the input in your video sources section of the Broadcast Live Tab.

Note that most IP cameras are not supported by Flash and do not work in Livestream studio. The exception is some AXIS cameras which include a video capture driver.

DV cameras

The Livestream Studio will work with most Standard DV cameras but it's a good idea to check with the manufacturer to ensure that it is capable of streaming.

1. Connect the camera to the computer.

  • We recommend connecting with Firewire which is Native on Macs. On windows you will need a video capture card or a Firewire card with a Firewire IEEE 1394 input.
  • You can also connect most cameras via USB, although Firewire will generally be more reliable.

2. Ensure your computer recognizes the camera. You can test this using video editing software or another program like Flash Media Encoder.

3. Log into Livestream Studio, and select the correct device from the drop down menu in the Sources section of the Broadcast Live tab.

4. Select the correct audio input is selected by clicking on "more settings" in the cameras section of the Broadcast Live tab.

  • Note that for best results we recommend Producers connect only one camera per computer. If you wish to use multiple cameras, connect them into different computers and log in to your studio on each computer. You can then switch easily from one camera to another.

External Encoders

While you can connect your camera and stream directly through Livestream Studio for best results we recommend encoding with Procaster, a free download that will allow you to broadcast at higher quality, set the encoding bitrate and other settings as well as do screen and gamecasting.

Details on configuring other encoders such as Flash Media Encoder, On2 Flix Live and Wirecast can be found here.

Other Capture Software

Download the application, open it and select the connected video source you would like to stream. The software will appear as a video source just like a camera inside the studio.

Check out the demo video below:

Chroma Key Software

You can use Chroma Key Software to add background effects when filming in front of a green screen. Chroma Key Software has the advantage of being cheap but does not enable you to stream live while performing chroma key effects. You will need to pre-record your content and upload it to your Livestream studio.

Adobe Premiere and Isadora are some commonly used software programs for adding chroma key and real time effects.

Chroma Key Hardware

Chroma Key hardware enables you to broadcast in front of a green screen in real time.

For an example of this, check out the shows of one our producers, Sarah Austin, who broadcasts live on Livestream every Thursday at 5 P.M. directly from the Livestream Studio in SOHO, New York.


We use a Reflecmedia Ultimatte DV Chroma Key device in our studio.

Capture Cards

In order to capture video from an analog source you will need an analog/digital converter such as a Canopus. We recommend the Canopus ADVC 110 which performs very well for streaming.

These devices will allow you to input an analog RCA or S-Video signal and will output a digital signal to your computer via USB. Note that in many cases these devices are not compatible with Flash so you may need to use Flash Media Encoder or a capture program like Webcam Max to broadcast from this source in Livestream studio.

Please Note: Most Capture Cards are not compatible with Procaster.

How to Set Up Multiple Cameras

To stream with multiple cameras we recommend connecting one camera per computer and switching inside Livestream Studio.

Alternately you could use a program like Wirecast which integrates with Livestream directly and will allow you to connect multiple cameras to a single computer. Details on configuring Wirecast can be found here.

For larger scale productions involving more than three audio and video sources you may want to use a hardware switcher for best results.

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