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The New 16:9 Livestream Player

Livestream's newly designed lightweight player can be customized and embedded directly through your Channel Page.

Some New Player Features Include:

  • Lighter weight and much Faster
  • Infinitely More Attractive
  • Embeddable and Fully Customizable: Color, Size, Text and More...
  • Directly Integrated Livestream, Facebook and Twitter Sharing Options
  • 100% Configurable for Premium Users

Share, Customize and Embed Your Player

To embed your Livestream Player, visit your Channel Page. For the purpose of this help section, we'll be using www.livestream.com/lukeestv

Once you've navigated to your channel page, click on the "Share" button on the player itself, or click the "More" button within the "Share this Channel" section.

This will take you to the Share Page for your Livestream Channel.

From here, you can promote your channel through several means.

Just below, you'll see a preview of your Livestream Player. Select a color theme from the 10 presets available. Then, select a player size or enter your own desired player size (be sure to think 16:9). Chose whether you would like your embedded player to Auto Play, start muted (Auto Mute), and / or Show Text Link below the Player.

When configured to your liking, click the "Grab Embed Code" field to select the URL. Copy and paste this embed code within your website's HTML editor.

Want more customization options? Premium Producers can change almost every aspect of the Livestream Player - from custom logos to sharing options.


The chat widget is now available for you to embed in any other webpage outside of Livestream. Simply visit your share page (www.livestream.com/channelname/share) and click the Chat Widget button.

Re-size the widget to your preferences, click the "Grab Embed Code" field and copy the text. Paste the embed code in your blog, website, etc.

Video On-Demand

The Livestream Library widget allows users to browse through the clips in a channel's library. It can be set to display a particular playlist (storyboard) in the library or show the latest clips automatically.

This Flash widget can be embedded using standard <object><embed> syntax and can be customized using flashVars or query string parameters.

Additional information regarding this widget can be found here.

Share and Embed a Clip

To embed a clip from a Livestream Channel Page, navigate to the Latest Video's sections located at the bottom the Channel Page. Click the desired video.

Once you've navigated to the clip, click on any one of the share options highlighted in the image below:

Here, you can promote your clip on several social platforms. The URL will been shortened for your convenience.

Just below, you'll notice a preview of the clip. To embed this preview, simply click the Grab Embed Code" field. Copy and paste the URL within your website.

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