Creating Mobile Compatible Content

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Creating Mobile Compatible Content

There are several primary requirements for publishing mobile compatible content.

  • You must encode using H.264 video and AAC audio.
  • You must encode using a profile and resolution supported by the mobile device.

For playback on the widest range of mobile devices we recommend using Baseline profile at 480x270 resolution with 150Kbps video and 48Kbps audio. This is the mobile quality profile used in Livestream Procaster.

For best results we highly recommend using Livestream Procaster to encode as it will provide a high quality stream to mobile devices and offers producers the ability to encode multiple bitrates for the web and mobile devices.

Broadcasting Live Mobile Compatible Content

This feature is available with both Free and Premium channels.

Livestream Procaster

1. Open Procaster and select one of the recommended mobile quality settings. Procaster can push the mobile quality stream to our mobile site while simultaneously pushing up to three additional desktop quality streams.

2. Click "GO LIVE" ...and that's it! Viewers can now view your live broadcast on the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

Encoding from External encoders (FMLE, Wirecast TriCaster etc)

When using external encoders, we recommend broadcasting at the 'Low Bandwidth' setting, at under 200kbps H.264 profile Baseline profile with AAC audio.

If you are broadcasting with a Windows based computer, you will need to install the AAC audio encoder plugin for Flash Media Encoder on the machine.

You can download the AAC plug in from MainConcept here

You will not need to install this plugin on Mac systems, as AAC is native. Please not: NewTek and Telestream do not recommend using custom plugins or altering system profiles, as it could effect the experience when using their software.

  • Our recommended workflow in these cases is to take the program output of the TriCaster or machine switching your broadcast and run that into a second computer which is running Livestream Procaster. This will allow the highest quality video and multiple bit-rate streaming for playback on the web and on mobile devices.

In order to ensure that our servers recognize the stream as mobile compatible you should add the parameter /forceMobile=true to the FMS URL.

Uploading Mobile Compatible Content

This feature is available with Premium channels only.

1. Make sure your channel is set to the correct video format. Log into the Livestream Account Center and select the 'Configure' button next to the channel name.

2. Scroll down to 'Video Settings' and select the quality to Mobile H264 Beta (200 Kbps), Basic H264 Beta (500 Kbps), or High H264 Beta (700 Kbps).

You will notice that once you have selected one of these quality settings, the 'Enable MP4' setting in the image below will change from 'No' to 'Yes'. Be sure to save your changes.


Once you are back in the Livestream Account Center, we recommend restarting the channel to confirm the changes were made.

You can then upload your content to your Livestream Studio as you normally would. The recommended file format for mobile compatible uploaded content is Baseline H.264 format with AAC audio.

To make existing clips mobile compatible, you would need to download, convert to the recommended format, and re-upload to your Library.

Users should now be able to view video on demand clips with their mobile device.

Cueing Mobile Compatible Content in the Livestream Studio

If you have uploaded or streamed mobile compatible content in the past, and want to re-cue in the Livestream Studio as a part of a live broadcast, the content will not be mobile compatible. You must re-stream the content using Procaster, Wirecast or TriCaster as outlined above.

The Livestream iOS App

If you are looking to view your Livestream channel's broadcast live on an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you can download the Livestream application in the iTunes App Store. The app also allows users to chat and view video on demand content.

Android and Blackberry devices do not need an app to view live mobile compatible content. Simply visit with the browser. Users will not be able to chat, but they can still view the video on demand content.