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Manage Your Settings within the Account Center

We've made some improvements to the Livestream Account Center, which can be accessed after logging in from the Homepage. Once you've logged in, click the Configure Button Image:CFG.png to enter the Configuration Panel.

Please Note: All changes made will need to be saved before taking effect.

Channel Info

  • Short Name: Your channel's short name. This cannot be changed.
  • Full Name: A longer channel name for a brief additional description.
  • Logo: Upload your channel Logo. We suggest 300x300, under 500k, .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  • Category: Select a category to classify your Channel within the Channel Guide.
  • Rating: Designate a Channel Rating.
  • Time Zone: Choose a Time Zone where most broadcasts will occur.
  • Language: Pick a Language that best describes your channel content.
  • Country: Select your Country.
  • Description: A brief Description can be added. This will be shown on your Channel Page.
  • Tags: Insert any tags to allow viewers to easily find your channel by searching.

Channel Page

  • Banner: Upload your channel page banner which will appear above the Player. We recommend 960x80, 500k, .jpg, .png. or .png.
  • Page Text: This text will appear beneath your Channel Description and can include HTML.
  • Links: Click the "Add New Link" button to add any links you'd like to share on your Channel Page.
  • Player Color: Customize your Player with the color of your choice. Click the field for a color palate.
  • Events: Click the "Add New Event" button to add specific event notifications located on your Channel Page.

Channel Page Customization

The look of your channel is now completely customizable. Use this control panel to customize your background color/image, foreground color and even to select which chat will appear as your default and which tab you would like to feature when viewers arrive at your page. You are now completely in control of every element on your Channel page.

  • Foreground Color: Change the color immediately surrounding your player.
  • Background Color: Change the color behind your foreground and player.
  • Background Image: Fancy an image instead of a solid color? Upload your own image. 500k or less, please.
  • Related Channels: Other channels may appear within the "Related Channels" section of your Channel Page. Use this option to disable this function. (Premium)
  • Default Tab: Options for the tab below the "Share" section on your Channel Page. Select from "Latest Videos," "About Tab" or "Upcoming Events."
  • Chat Widgets: Select which chat widgets viewers can use to discuss your content.
  • Default Chat: Select which chat tab the channel page default to.

Twitter Chat Widget

Along with your completely redesigned channel page, we added a completely new chat feature. The new chat widget combines Livestream chat with a Facebook chat and a completely customizable Twitter option. Use the control panel below to customize your Twitter settings.

  • Search Query: The Twitter chat widget lists all tweets with this search query. By default we use your channel name, but you can change it to whatever you like, including a username (e.g. @yourtwittername).
  • Channel URL: Your channel page is the default link for every tweet published with the twitter chat widget. Premium users can change this to direct to any web page they like. (Premium)
  • Suggested Follow: By default, the Twitter chat widget asks users to follow the Livestream Twitter account. Premium users can change this to a Twitter account of their choosing. (Premium)

Player Embed Options (Premium)

Premium users can now control every element on their new embedded video player.

  • Content Link: Turn on all links back to my Livestream Page.
  • Custom Link: This affects the upper left, background click-bait, "More" button (appears at the end of a video), sub-title, Facebook share, and Twitter share links.
  • Player Logo Link: Image towards the top corner of your player - clicking this image will redirect viewers to the specified link.
  • Chat: Display the Chat Button.
  • Popup Chat: Display Livestream chat popout in new window.
  • Fullscreen: Display fullscreen button.
  • Viewer Count: Display viewer count.
  • Min Viewer Count: Begin displaying your viewer count after a certain number of viewers are connected.
  • Livestream Share: Display the share button.
  • Facebook Share: Display the Facebook share button.
  • Facebook Counter: Display Facebook share counter - how many people have shared your channel / content on Facebook.
  • Twitter Share: Display the Twitter share button.
  • Twitter Counter: Display Twitter share counter - how many people have shared your channel / content on Twitter.

Video Settings

  • Aspect Ratio: Choose from a 4:3, 16:9, or enter your own Aspect Ratio.

File:Video set.png

  • Aspect Mode: Select whether you want your image cropped or letterboxed. (Premium)
  • Quality: Premium Producers can select a higher channel quality. Your choices are: Basic (500kbps), High (700kbps), or HD (1700kbps). Please note: the higher the channel bit rate, the faster bandwidth will be used.(Premium)
  • Quality Settings: An overview of your selected quality settings. (Premium)

File:Video setting.png

Promotion and Advertising (Premium)

  • Ad Provider: Ads are disabled by default on Livestream Premium Channels. If you have a third party advertising account, select your provider.
  • Provider ID: Enter your Provider ID (if available).

Analytics (Premium)

  • Manage Analytics: Select None if you'd like to use our Analytics. If you have an Omniture account, enter in the required information. For more information, please proceed to the Manage Analytics section.

Privacy, Audience Control (Premium)

  • Viewer Limit: Premium Producers can limit the number of concurrent viewers to manage bandwidth usage. For Unlimited Viewers, select the check box. To limit the number, uncheck the box and enter a desired viewer limit.
  • Enabled Channel Page: Want your content to be seen on your own website only? Disable the Channel Page.
  • Password: Password protect your Channel Page. Embedded players cannot be password protected at this time.
  • Require Email: Require viewers to enter an e-mail address before being granted access to the content. Producers can later download a list of all e-mail addresses entered.
    • Delay (minutes): Increase the amount of seconds before the Require Email dialog box displays on the player.

File:Require email.png

  • Publish in Guide: Allow your Premium Channel to be found in our Channel Guide.
  • Allow Embed URLs: Restrict embedding of your Premium Channel to specific sites you designate.

Don't forget to Save your changes!

Manage Your Team

You can invite other members to join in the fun of live broadcasting. Please proceed to the following Manage Team Section.

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