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Moderate Chat (Channel Page)

With the recent release of the new Livestream Player and Channel Page, we've created an updated version of Chat complete with IP banning, moderator designation, force login and more.

  • These features can only be accessed on the Livestream Channel Page at this time.


To participate in a Livestream Channel's Chat Room, you'll be required to enter a nickname or login with your Livestream Account.

If you are the current Channel Owner or have been designated a Moderator or Producer, you'll need to login to access your moderation abilities.



Channel Owners, Producers, and Moderators gain access to new moderation tools. To access these new tools, click the cog wheel at the bottom of the chat room.


Chat Room Options

  • Moderator-Only Chat: Only Moderators may participate within the chat room.
  • Require Login: All Chat Users must login with a Livestream Account before chatting.
  • Clear All Chat Messages: Clear the chat room of all current and previous text.


User List & User Options

To manage a specific User's Options (banning, muting, etc), click the user list button at the bottom of the chat room. When the user list appears, click the cog wheel next to a username to manage that user's options.


  • Grant Moderator Privileges (Channel Owner): Provide this user with moderator status.
  • Ban User: Bans the username for the selected time period.
  • Ban IP: Bans the user's IP address for the selected time period.
  • Clear User's Messages: Clear the specific user's chat entries.


Moderate Chat (Studio, Webcaster, Procaster)

Your chat room can be moderated through Webcaster, Procaster, as well as the Livestream Studio.

Ban Users

You can ban users in your chat room from the chat tab within Livestream Studio by right clicking on the user you want to ban and choosing the length of the ban from the drop down menu. Users can be banned for 5 min, 24 hours, 2 weeks, or permanently.


Once a user is banned, the user's name will highlighted in red within the user list of the studio and a message will appear in the chat room:



To unban, simply right click on the user and select "unban user"


Mute Viewers

The "Mute Viewers" button can be used to conduct a chat between channel producers, do a live blog, or silence any chat room participants. When the chat is muted, viewers will only be able see what Producers enter in the chat room but cannot participate.


Clear Chat Room

The Clear Chat button can be used to clear all previous chat messages. Once this is done the following message will be displayed:

Image:Chatroom cleared.png

Producer Chat

Using the Image:StudioChat.png buttons, Producers can switch back and forth between the public viewer chat room or the private producer chat room. The Producer chat section can also be used to leave messages for other team members who visit later.

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Embedding the chat

The chat widget is available for you to embed in any other webpage outside of Livestream. The swf you need to use is hosted here:

You can embed this flash component using the usual methods, for instance by using swfobject. To specify the Livestream channel that this chat should connect to, you can use the 'channel' flashvar. If you choose not to specify a channel, the chat will prompt you for one.