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Manage Your Audio & Video Settings within the Livestream Studio

Allow Livestream to Access Your Camera

Upon logging into the Livestream Studio for the first time, Flash will ask your permission to access your camera. Click 'Allow'!

You can allow or deny access to your camera at any time. If you've deleted your camera by accident, follow these directions as well to see the source without re-logging.

  • Right click anywhere in the studio


  • Select settings
  • Click on the eye icon.
  • Check the allow-deny box.


  • Close the window.

Select your Video Input

If you have an external Web Cam or DV Camera, you may need to change the selected input in order to broadcast live.

  • Click on Video Source next to the preview window inside the Sources.


  • Select the right input in the drop down menu. Most External Sources will display as "External Device" or "DV Camera."
  • If your source is not recognized, please be sure you are broadcasting in Standard Definition, Flash has access to the source, and it is not being used by another application.


  • Click on the Image:Audioicon.png to monitor the source's audio.

Select your Audio Input

This is useful if you have multiple Audio inputs.

  • Click on the more settings tab. Click on the tab under mic source. Select your input in the drop down menu.


Change your Video and Audio Settings

This is useful to change your video quality and your audio volume.

  • To change your video quality and audio volume, click on the more settings tab.



High quality

Set the video and audio quality to maximum to broadcast a top quality live show. Note that you will need greater than 500kbps upstream bandwidth to use this setting and viewers on lower bandwidth connections may have issues viewing high quality.

Medium quality

Medium quality is what we suggest. It enables you to broadcast to a maximum of viewers with good image and audio quality!

Low quality

Set the video and audio quality to low if you have a lower speed connection or wish to broadcast to people with a lower bandwidth connection. It will lower the resources required to watch your show!

Once you are done, click on the "OK" tab Image:oktab.png

Change the Aspect Ratio

Image:Picture 30.png

Stream from a 16/9 Camera Source
  • You can change the aspect ratio of video from your camera video settings tab.
  • Channels default to 4:3 resolution but you can change the aspect ratio to 16:9 or a custom resolution of your choice from the aspect ratio dropdown.
  • Standard Mogulus players will letterbox 16:9 or custom aspect ratios to display correct resolution in a standard 4:3 player.
  • Livestream Premium players will display the Aspect ratio of the player true 16:9 resolution or the custom resolution of your choice.

Manage Your Audio & Video Settings within Webcaster

Please refer to our Broadcast Live section for complete instructions.

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