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Setting up Adobe Visual Communicator with Livestream

You can now use Adobe Visual Communicator to stream directly to Livestream. Visual Communicator allows you to create customizable graphics, switch between multiple cameras from and offers the ability to insert music clips, transitions and special effects into your broadcasts. The program is free to try for 30 days, the full version costs $399.

Adobe Visual Communicator includes built in Flash Media Encoder support allowing you to use it to stream directly to your Livestream channel. The setup is as follows:

1. Adobe Visual Communicator is available for download from Adobe here. It is free to try but you will need to purchase if you decide to keep using it.

2. Open the application and select the Publish option.


3. From the Director tab click on "Settings" and then the "Configure" button.

  • Enter the Media Server URL using the same Format as you would with Flash Media Encoder:
  • Enter a stream name, it should contain only letters and numbers.
  • Because the username and password are included in the URL you can leave those blank.
  • Set the video bitrate and other encoding settings to your preference based on your connection speed. **Note: this will need to be set below 500Kbps unless you have a Livestream Premium channel and set the bitrate to 700Kbps or 1700Kbps.
  • Add any of the following parameters at the end of your RTMP URL :
  • /autoVOD=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the Video on Demand list
  • /autoAutopilot=true - This automatically adds the recording to the top of the auto-pilot playlist
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion support :

o /aspectWidth=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parameter to 16

o /aspectHeight=[number] - If your input camera/feed is not 4/3 - for example 16/9 - set this parametre to 9

o If your channel is configured to be 4/3 aspect ratio, it would letter box your 16/9 feed and display it correctly. If you did you not set the aspect ratio properties and your feed was 16/9 - Livestream would assume it was a 4/3 feed and display it as 4/3 - which would be incorect for a 16/9 feed.

  • /bufferTime=[x sec] Allows you to set the buffer time of the live streaming in the player. By default this is very low (0.5 seconds) Increase if you use a unreliable connection during a live Flash Media Encoder broadcast.

4. Once the encoder settings have been entered, press OK and you will return to an overview of the settings. You may want to use the "Save as" feature to save this profile so you don't need to configure the settings each time.

5. Click on "Connect" to connect to the server and then "Start" to begin streaming.


That's it, you're now ready to go live on your Livestream channel!