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Follow Dr John Ward & Dr Maria Nilsson and their project ‘the Sirius Project’ in Egypt as they continue their research into ancient symbolism, incl... (more)

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Follow Dr John Ward & Dr Maria Nilsson and their project ‘the Sirius Project’ in Egypt as they continue their research into ancient symbolism, including esoteric and exoteric values, and the wide field of pseudo-archaeology. As such, ancient symbolism is documented with Egypt as a starting point, following its path of development and expansion across northern Africa, over to mainland Europe, as well as via the Near Eastern landscape over to Asia, etc., and its introduction to new cultures and times. Please find the links below for our various web based social platforms which we use to present our research and associated topics of interest. We look forward to sharing our Research, Adventures and Exploits here in Egypt with you all here as well as on the social platforms.The Sirius Project has identified a growing need to further understand the significance of ancient symbolism as it continues to accompany us in these modern times. This symbolism plays at the core of what makes us human beings, and comprises an integral part in the creation, development, and sustainment of our overall collective psyche. Our research endeavors to conduct a multi-faceted investigation aimed at various aspects of symbolism and its contexts.As human beings we have surrounded ourselves with belief systems, and their accompanying guidelines-to-living. We have done this to offer guidance to answer questions we perceive as unanswerable, and to bring us peace of mind when we can no longer rationalize the situations our world presents us. The human race has seen itself become organized into a diverse and complex social caste structure, disciplined into an attempt to bring order to our environment.Our bodies, magnificent pieces of machinery, surpass machines in their ability to regenerate itself, and also in the conscious ability to work as a separate unit or as a part of the whole. We all wear our individuality at a skin-deep level, conspicuous because it is the one we are most aware of if we only rely on our eyes to gather information, but inwardly we are genetically the same piece of apparatus. We all require the same fundamental necessities to survival and existence. But we are by definition inquisitive beings, forever seeking and collecting information concerning our world, and our very existence. Due to this contradictory nature of the structure of our existence, we find ourselves curious to push the boundaries of our own conscious awareness of our surroundings. During this interplay we, as human beings, have developed a structured system of ICONS and IMAGES to which we can all relate as a human race, no matter where we are or what we call ourselves. This imagery encodes the fundamentals within either the society to which we are directly connected, or to a more UNIVERSAL CULTURAL SETTING. Symbolism surrounds us today which were developed by man to aid mankind on their journey, but to also elude their conscious grasp. The symbols we find ourselves surrounded by are used as a tool of interaction with one another on a non-verbal level, which requires no personal conscious thought process. Our conditioned mind-sets interpret the symbolism on an individual basis, through a series of stages of emotional, psychological responses. The Sirius Project intends to go further in an understanding of this effect on how individuals, groups, and societies react.The symbolism corresponds to pictorial units which do not necessarily have any natural resemblance. A single image may range from symbolizing a minor cultural aspect to a fully developed, global ideology. The symbols themselves trigger an IMMEDIATE AND OUTSTANDING SUBLIMINAL REACTION when we are confronted by receiving their communicated message.The need or desire to see something that was not visible, to harness a power from an entity that could not be touched, spoken with or listened to, has been with us since the dawn of man. We have given thanks to the various Gods (the modern interpretation) ever since man first placed pigment on his hand and etched symbols on the uneven walls of his cave. The very use of symbolism to communicate a message to one another has therefore been inherent in our social structure and has evolved with us. However, during that journey through time, the FUNDAMENTAL IMAGERY HAS NOT DIFFERED THAT MUCH. (The use of geometric configurations and straight recognizable lines of reference have been passed on to us through several generations). Even without realizing it, we still recognize and affiliate ourselves with cave etchings and drawings thousands of years old. Their influence over us continued even as their origins and early appearances disappeared. However, the subliminal interaction and acceptance lies within us constantly, dormant but ever-present.From the original cave paintings and direct person-to-person origins, we now have organized modern religion to convey this mass-associated symbolism and its attributes. Religion after religion has involved the astrological observations and the interplay by the universal powers upon us.We can all relate to the message of the symbolism which surrounds us to the core of our being. It connects us to our thoughts, dreams, and sub-sub-conscious minds. C.G. Jung wrote of the psychological archetypes embedded in our sub-sub-conscious, but we still lack the clear comprehension of this concept in mainstream society. During the course of the work of the Sirius Project, the meanings and purpose of specific symbols will lay the path to the ultimate question, or observation, of the symbols true origin and pure essence. Just as modern science is only now beginning to map the brain and its complex array of signals and apparatus together with how it truly operates on a separate basis to our conscious mind, the Sirius Project investigation will drive toward similar multi-layered answers regarding all aspects of the applications of symbolism upon human beings.To summarize, the Sirius Project is a multi leveled/interdisciplinary institution providing a platform for Dr John Ward & Dr Maria Nilsson to conduct and present their research, and a forum for likeminded scholars/laymen to enter into. The platform also allows the presentation of results from various sources and aspects pertaining to the overall research projects that make up the Sirius Project, not to mention the upcoming expeditions/investigations to be carried out throughout Egypt as it investigates and documents the ancient trade routes and the esoteric symbolism that is associated with it. Dr John Ward Founding TrusteeMob: 0020102943169Office:0020952311667Email: johnwardkt@gmail.comDr Maria NilssonFounding TrusteeMob: 0020161104916Office: 0020952311667Email: mia_n1@hotmail.comThe Sirius Project!/group.php?gid=119513917866

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