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Justice and Development Organization Of Pakistan (JDO Aims and Objectives) 1.JDO aims are to uphold principles of democracy, freedom, union & brotherho... (more)

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Justice and Development Organization Of Pakistan (JDO Aims and Objectives) 1.JDO aims are to uphold principles of democracy, freedom, union & brotherhood, defense & security, tranquility, equity, tolerance and justice & equality as enunciated by Religion Islam.2.JDO aims are to struggle for strengthens the foundations of Pakistan by division of finance, powers and responsibilities equity and by end discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed, religion, language and by giving equal status and opportunities; social and economic equality for all Pakistani People and to reduce the concentration of wealth in a few hands, and provide a decent standard of living to all.3.JDO aims are to form a federation with other Islamic Nations on basis of Common Revenue / Coin, Defense, Religion, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, Commerce.4.JDO aims are to form and maintain prohibition of Martial Law, emergency and monarchy, prohibition of Public Debt and Lend, prohibition of dissolution of any department including Senate and National Assembly; prohibition of hidden agreement between other governments and / or countries; further to establish same respect for all prophets.5.JDO aims are to establish and maintain peace, insure domestic tranquility and harmony in civil society and ensure security and protection of life, honor and property of every citizen by authorize Local Government to insure mostly fundamental human rights; further official of local government will be available to people at all time and easy to access.6.JDO aims are to motivate people to do any job or get education and no man can live jobless.7.JDO aims are to use water of all rivers to produce electricity before rivers fall in ocean enabling us to produce enough electricity and to finish electricity load-shedding.8.JDO aims are to establish that Food, Crops, Livestock shall not be exported until all local governments of the country have more than enough reserves for their peoples for one year enabling us to avoid crisis.9.JDO objectives are to establish free Education, Health and Pension for all: pension for old, defective and orphans shall be for all Pakistani People on equal basis; further children look after their old parents instead of expelling from home.10.JDO objectives are to form and stabilize all departments of State on the basis of duties permanently to insure that any Government shall neither abolish or dissolve the departments nor even expel chief of department.11.JDO objectives are to establish minimum one factory in each Union Council of Pakistan to increase in employment and people stop to dwell in major cities.12.JDO objectives are to increase employment 5% yearly, power / electricity production 10% yearly, literacy 10% yearly and strive for low-priced 5% yearly.13.JDO objectives are to establish that items produced or manufactured in one union council shall be easily available in all others.

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