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Islami Roohani Mission is an organization which serves humanity particularly in the field of spirituality and in different fields like medicine, educat... (more)

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Islami Roohani Mission is an organization which serves humanity particularly in the field of spirituality and in different fields like medicine, education, welfare, charity etc. It has been functioning for twenty years and irrigating the barren land of the human heart with the water of divine love.Islami Roohani Mission provides a platform to the Muslim Ummah where they can get together and work effectively for the betterment of Muslims all over the world and in general for all the nations who are interested in making life peaceful and perfect. It serves all without any social, cultural, political, foreign, internal or sectarian distinctions for God.Prof. Dr. Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi is the founder and Patron in chief of Islami Rohani Mission, has been working on there lines since last 30 years and performing a role of a supreme leader who has devoted his life to Islam and its prosperity.Islami Rohani Mission arranges two big Ijtima (public gatherings) in Pakistan in a year in which thousands of people come to find mental and spiritual peace. Hundreds of programs are arranged in Pakistan and abroad in which Muslims and non-Muslims come to find the blessing of God and Alhamdulillah many non-Muslims have embraced Islam at the hands of Maqsoodi scholars who are working day and night for the happiness if Allah and His prophet (P.B.U.H). Several new books are published every month which are sold at very low prices to spread this sacred mission among all categories of human societies, Spiritual delegations are sent out through out Pakistan and in many Africans countries which work for this sacred mission with great enthusiasm.Several schools are working with the name of “Al Maqsood Islamic Modern School “and a number of Islamic Institutes are functioning in different regions of Pakistan as well as in other parts of the world in which hundreds of students are taught free of cost and are given accommodation without any charges. Some Islamic Institutes are working in different countries of Africa in which Muslims are educated to the proper Islamic teachings which are beneficial for Islamic preaching in the African rural and urban areas.Islami Rohani Mission promotes true sensibility of Islamic thoughts which is necessary in the contemporary era.The main aims and objective of Islami Rohani Mission are listed below:To propagate the concept of Tauheed and revival of Sunnah and spiritual values.To create a sense of harmony and brotherhood among Muslims by avoiding differences based on cast and creed.To establish mosques and educational institutions inside and outside the country where Muslims students (male and female) will get true awareness about to Islam.To introduce of Islamic and teachings to Muslim students and Muslims in general through periodicals, book, newspapers and audio and video cassettes.To strengthen links and relations among scholars and spiritual leaders.To arrange Islamic spiritual conferences, seminars, meetings and gatherings inside and outside the country.To celebrate and commemorate religious days with full reverence and devotion and to organize conferences to highlight the life and Nobel works of saints.To arrange competitions of Qirat, Naat, speech and general knowledge among boys and girls students.Make an effort to eradicate unemployment, poverty, economic distress and exploitation from the society.