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Default Sound dissappearance?

Hello everyone.

Currently was testing the stream function 2 days ago without any problems using Procaster, getting both pure sound and visual using the screen function.

But today, I did the exact same setup, screen and lock onto my game of choice, and all of a sudden, my sound becomes extremely minimal, like a faint faint whisper. You would have to listen close to hear it, even at full blast.

Settings were on my only audio driver, a realtek AC97 (old, but produces noises alright!), and that would fall under "default"

Why is it that I have little to no sound, with all of my volume cranked up to ear-hurting levels?

Operating system is Windows XP Professional, 32 bit edition.

Thank you very much if answered..
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I can tell you that everytime you open Procaster you have to setup the audio options. They change back to default upon shutdown.
Also, make sure the sound is being taken from your mic. This happens to me sometimes where I forget to switch the audio from my webcam mic to my computer source.
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