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Question Heavy Technical Questions about Livestream Capabilities and API


My business is interested in utilizing Livestream for capitalizing on a relatively untapped market that we feel could be a successful format. While we have the means to create and build the site itself, we're interested in getting some of our technical questions ironed out before we proceed. Obviously we'll need a developer that is familiar with the Livestream API, but if the sort of functionality we are interested in wouldn't even work to begin with, we'd be at an impasse.

Some of these questions are obviously more geared towards deep API developers or people with a working knowledge of advanced site building using Livestream. Here are some of our broad thoughts on what we'd need:

The gist of the site is a paid subscription that allows a user full access to regular (and even possibly simultaneous) Livestreams. Sort of a "Netflix of streaming" that would allow someone to login and access existing, ongoing streams, OR access a library of past streams. This is an educational service, and the goal is to build a library or allow customers to watch scheduled streams as well of specific niche content.

Is the API robust enough to allow us to embed all of Livestream's data into our own site? But use Livestream as the delivery method for author recording and delivery?

How much data does Livestream keep on their end? If we wanted to create a library of potentially thousands of hours of past streams, would that be possible? Would Livestream cap us?

We're fine with hosting - so if another option would have to happen where we use Livestream to create the videos and our own hosting options for past streams, would that work somehow as well?

Given the (albeit brief) overview description above, are there any red flags that stand out? Our goal would be to build a library / streaming subscription service, where our content authors get paid based on hours of streaming content they provide.

Thank you for your time!

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