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Unhappy Chronic Procaster issues

Just uploaded the beta version and, unfortunately getting the same result. Procaster freezes up the instant it launches and won't respond. Earlier versions with older Mac OS were so unstable -- constant crashing -- that we never attempted to use it live. Still using the studio to broadcast everything and had to come up with a pretty elaborate audio work around to deal with the non-audio recognition issues.

A little help?

Running Mac OS 10.8.2
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Default Black screen, as well... or just unresponsive.


I seem to get this issue as well. Black screen on both the preview and station; however, I can see the mouse just fine in its little yellow circle. That is with version 10.3.0. With 10.3.25, it crashes upon launch. I don't even get so far as to click Go Live.

Tried older versions, and they run up my CPU usage pretty much automatically. Even while all other applications are closed.

MacBook Pro OS X, Version 10.8.4
2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Thanks in advance for the assistance! I may just have to wait for an updated version of the Procaster...
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black screen, failed video, procaster

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