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Default Sound goes out of sync with procaster

I just recently started trying out procaster, but one thing i notice is that the sound goes out of sync a little while into a live session. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if it's a known problem if it's going to be fixed soon. i also have another problem but i'll post a seperate thread for that.
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Yeah, a couple of us posted a bit about this issue in this thread --


As benhomer says in there, you'd be helping them out a lot if you went and located your procaster.log file and saved a dxdiag log, sending them both in to the email given in the thread.
In any case, I'm sorry to say there is no immediate solution to this issue. It seems to be software (Procaster) related, so we'll just have to hold tight 'til we can get our hands on the upcoming release.

Hope that helps you a bit, babe. Stick around!
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