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Default Livestream videos are gone?

I'm just curious what's been happening to my videos lately. Does Livestream automatically remove videos after a time? First, I noticed that my playthrough videos for Amnesia and Freespace had vanished, and now everything else is gone too. where are my videos gone to? I used to have so many of them, and now I've got nothing on my channel at all.
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If you have not accessed your account over a period of time and your content did not receive significant views, it was likely deleted by our storage cleanup wizard. Unfortunately once these clips have been deleted they cannot be recovered. You can find out more information about the clean up process at the following URL: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...Cleanup_Wizard
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Ahh, that must have been it then. It's not a colossal loss, but it's good to know where they went. Makes sense, have to have some way to keep down the used space on those hard drives! I'll have to be more careful and download vids I want saved in the future then. Thanks for the info!
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video deleted auto

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