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Default Livestream is perhaps causing Blue Screen of Death

Now, I'm not awfully good with all the technical computer stuff, but my father keeps me updated on what's good on the computer and what not and so on. Therefore, I have never had a blue screen of death issue before.
But, since I've started using Livestream Procaster, it has happened twice. And both time was after I shut Livestream after a session, so I can't help but think it is Livestream that's the problem.

I got livestream maybe half a year back, and considering BSoD has only happened twice, it's not an overly big issue, but it still worries me.
Firs time was after a long gaming session, a couple of hours, afterwards my Laptop was lagging a bit in the game in the end.
The second time I had a 10 minutes stream just showing a friend some progress on my art stuff.
Both time I shut Livestream and got like 5 seconds of BSoD and then it rebooted. I've both times been too surprised to manage to read the actual message.

To begin with I'm not quite sure what even causes BSoD. Can it be Livestream just overtaxed my computer on those two times? The second time the internet connection was pretty bad. I have, I'd like to mention, used Livestream on many occasions without problems.

I use Windows 7 (possibly x64 bit, not quite sure) and my laptop I think is a 4GB RAM one.

PS. Sorry for any spelling errors, English is not my first language : )
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Maybe have a Logitec HD web cam. Aleer afraid this software and let Windows recognize the webcam itself. think your blue screen problem is solved
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... I couldn't quite make sense of that, sorry. How is a web cam connected to my Livestream Procaster...
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blue screen of death, bsod, problem

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