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Default Livestream iOS app streaming issue

When Livestream.com receives a live 640x480, 496kbps stream using MP4 AVC (h264) MAIN profile encoding (from Wirecast using FLME), viewing it on the Livestream 1.9.1 iOS app (on an iPhone 4s or iPad 2 via 3G or wifi) results in portions of the video where there is significant object or camera motion being rendered as jittery, flickering, blocky artifacts that tear the video apart until the motion stops and a keyframe is recv'd.

Changing to Baseline profile in the encoder corrects this and smooth, artifact-free video is recv'd.

Is this a known issue being worked on, since devices running iOS 4.x and up support Main profile MP4?
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For the time being use Baseline profile when streaming with Wirecast.
Although I'm not sure about Livestream's servers, Telestream found that Wowza 3 doesn't have this issue but Wowza 2 does. There's a fix they investigating in Wirecast which should work with all servers but, as you note, Baseline will work in the meantime.
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