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Unhappy I can't download my video! :(

Yesterday I recorded in TWO hours, but today I can see that my video is almost gone. Nothing has appeared in my video library, so I went to the Livestream Studio, and now I have found about four missing recordings that I have lost since I started recording on Livestream.
I could do nothing in the Video On-Demand but watch the missing recordings, so I went to the Control Auto-pilot where I also saw my missing recordings. I clicked on one of them and saw a message which said it had failed to download the video. So I clicked on the "retry" button, but after a while this message appeared: "Unable to download the video" + a retry-button again.

This is REALLY annoying, because it was an important recording for me - I really wan't it back!
Is there a way I can get the recording back - and if so, how?
I haven't done anything wrong, I guess, because my other recordings shows up in the video library.
So why this one?
Please help me
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After reviewing your library and our servers, I've seen that your clip has failed to record and cannot be recovered. It appears some of your failed recordings have been created with Procaster, which creates a local copy of the broadcast on your hard drive by default. On Windows machines the file is available in the 'My Videos' folder, and the 'Movies' folder on Mac machines.
Livestream Support
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Oh yes, what a great function! Thank you so much, I'm so glad that the recordings is not lost
I did a recording today and noticed that I closed Procaster a bit early, so I went to my library again and saw that it had not saved the recording (I also did a recording yesterday where it did save it) - maybe that's why I loose them. Maybe Procaster doesn't reach to save the recordings before I close it. I'll think about that from now on and see what happens.
Thank you very much for your help!
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