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Default How to make clips play randomly?

Hi people, this is my first post here and I am very happy to join your community. So let me say my question. In my channel I have several storyboards or whatever you guys call them. Let's say that the first one is called X the next one is called Y and the third one is called Z. Let's also say that in each storyboard I have 40 clips imported from youtube (I don't know if that is important or not). So the videos are there and you press Autopilot. What I have saw is that when the autopilot start it goes let's say to category Y and it plays the 1 clip in the list than the second one then the third one and so and so... But, I want to make my channel to play an absolute random. So that when it starts it starts to play video 5 in category X and then to go to video 24 in category Z and on and on. How can I do that? I want to do it because in my channel I will have a lot of clips and it looks stupid to play them always in the same order. Thank you for the answer in advice.
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