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Default Pro and LiveU

Mogulus has just announced a partnership with LiveU and I would like to know the cost of a LiveU transmitter and reciever..the website list no pricing at all??
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You should contact LiveU directly with pricing questions and other inquiries - you can reach them at http://www.liveu.tv.

Mogulus Support
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Default Mogulus and LiveU

I can tell you LiveU is not cheap, but it's a pretty cool service and that their customer service is second to none.

We pay a flat monthly fee for up to 30 hours of programming and the field equipment itself is provided at no additional charge (you must provided the in-house encoding server, or, for an extra fee, purchase one from LiveU). LiveU retains ownership of the field gear and the six cellular modems installed in it (the service to those cards is included in that monthly fee).

I'd quote our price, but you're probably best off contacting them for information, in case any of those numbers have changed.

If you're doing any serious remote webcasting, it's a godsend. Our previous cellular solution of trying to squash the video and send it up via broadband card on a laptop was spotty at best, and occasionally awful if we were in a bad location. In the five months since we've had it here, I've not yet found a location where LiveU couldn't come up with sufficient bandwidth to feed Mogulus. When we need it, it's worth every dime.
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Default liveU continued:

Go ahead and tell me a cost? I have emailed them and left a phone for them to contact me and so far..nothing? They don't tell much on their site and I am a little leary of them except that you have a good review of the service. I am looking for a monthly or usage fee if possible? Thank you
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Default UPDATE ON liveU

I contacted this company via email, leaving a telephone number. I got a call about a week later from someone who talked so fast and without english proficiency that I could not understand the call-back number? It does appear that the cost is much to high for an indy broadcaster without mammounth funding?Their website gives little if any information and their contact system leaves much to be desired.
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Thumbs down

cost is high...and NOT directed to the non pro users....1500 per month and it goes up from there....30 hours of use per month..so 30 hours of broadcasting without a bandwidth limit...which is great

nice...very nice..but average users cant afford this expense.....and there is a 1 year agreement...

concept is on point...but price structure is not....and the vibe i got was that there are limited units available. so i am on the fence for this .... think that the press release is a bit misleading.....it leads you to think it is within the reach of all mogulus users...when in fact it is not. I did find that talking to the person that called me back was very pleasant and wanted to find a solution...however i am not sure on how successful the product will be since mogulus is mostly indy users....

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