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Default Pricing plan issues

Procaster is great.

You say it's suitable for presentations, which it is for sure.

However, if I want to run 1- hours presentations with 1-5 participants, privately, the only option I have is paying $350 a month.

This is way too expensive. Is there any way of making this cheaper?
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Default Same

I too feel the same way. I need a private feed for 8-10 users about 2 hours per month. I love the quality I see here but how can we rationalize $350 every month for this. Do you have a pay-per-viewer-hour program?


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Default same

me three i just want it for this month only but it is tooo expensive to buy for 1 month, i am not even sure if you can have it for 1 month

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I think the issue is Livestream's business model vs the "other" notable streaming service provider.

Livestream is based on 24/7 channels as opposed to "per event" streaming which the "other" service is geared towards.

Livestream's model assumes that even though you might cast only an hour or two, you're going to use auto pilot and on demand.

That said, Livestream should offer a lower tier service for low bandwidth, low storage channels. I don't think a pay per use model fits with the current Livestream although they can certainly offer that as a different service.
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Default I agree - management, please, consider.

We're willing to pay $50 for a day's event, which makes sense from a cost perspective.

Someone at LiveStream, please take ownership of this and advocate on behalf of the customers. In the end, it may make for more revenue?

Thanks for the kind consideration.

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I am new to this site. Where I can find the charge table ?
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You can find premium pricing here: http://www.livestream.com/platform/p...es_and_pricing
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I’m 100% behind this thread we regularly film and now want to film 2-6 hour conferences which take place on one day – currently as mentioned above the only option is to sign up to $350 commitment

A more flexible payment strategy is definitely needed in terms of:
- Pay per view from the viewers side
- Day streaming options from the producers side

Many thanks
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