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Default Procaster PC Beta 20.2.83

Livestream Procaster 20.2.83 BETA is now available!

Release Notes:
Due to a bug in the latest version of the Blackmagic Design drivers, we recomend using version 9.2. You can find this version at the following link under archived drivers: http://blackmagic-design.com/support/
-Improved: Less capture card asynchronization errors.
-Improved: Better support for devices with Dolby Surround capture
-Improved: Speed during resizing
-Improved: Higher precision on audio meters
-Fixed/Improved: Audio for Windows XP
-Fixed: Corrected audio plug / unplug while broadcasting live
-Fixed: No audio during the start of a broadcast
-Fixed: Audio at the end of a recording
-Fixed: Not saving input selection parameter when clicking the "Cancel" button
-Fixed: BlackMagic API multiple definition problem
-Fixed: supporting capture devices that don't have audio.
-Fix: Mono mode switching.

To download please follow this link:http://cdn.livestream.com/mds/Livest...er-20.2.83.exe

Livestream Procaster 20.2.76 BETA

Release notes:
-When having the preferences dialog open, you no longer can start a broadcast
-Fixed Audio Mixer bugs
-Fixed Cropping bugs
-Added "Always on top" checkbox to Preferences dialog on Desktop Tab (Defaults to off after installing Livestream Procaster)
-Better hotplugging support during a broadcast
-Various bug fixes and optimization of encoder
-Fixed XP bug where it would crash after a longer time
-Increased performance in Game Mode.
-Fixed a camera busy error when it wasn't in use.
-Updated BlackMagic SDK Version
-Added Component RGB and Component YUV video input types support for Osprey devices.

To download please follow this link: http://cdn.livestream.com/mds/Livest...er-20.2.76.exe

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You should all go to http://www.livestream.com/forum/show...4027#post34027 for the latest update.
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