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Default Livestreaming a video premiere

I have produced a 70 minute documentary, and in addition to premiering it in a local theater, I want to livestream it simultaneous with the physical premiere. My primary concern is that I do not want people ripping/recording high-quality versions during the event--I know I will configure my channel to only embed on my website (I have a premium account).

1. If I upload an HD version into livestream studio and only cue it during the event, will people be able to save a local copy (easily)?
2. If I upload an HD version into livestream studio and only cue it during the event, will people be able to stream at variable bit rates, just as it I were encoding via procaster (i.e., standard and mobile)?

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As a free account, your channel is limited to uploads of no greater than 500kbps, meaning if you upload in HD, our system will transcode your movie to VP6 video and mp3 audio at 400kbps/96kbps respectively. Only premium channels can change this setting at this time. Also, all uploads (free or premium accounts) are limited to under 1GB.

Users will not be able to download a copy of your broadcast from your channel page. This feature is available only to the channel owner and contributing members. In addition, technically it would be possible for someone to re-stream the broadcast using Procaster in screen capture mode. Premium users have the ability to password protect or completely disable their channel page to prevent something along these lines from occurring.
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