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Unhappy Videos won't play/constantly loading

I'm having this issue every time I want to watch a stream [live and recorded].
Everything loads up fine [the channel, the chat] except for the video itself which just shows an updating preview image and a constantly spinning loading bar.
Originally I was using Firefox when I first started having this problem and after clearing my cache, my cookies, and updating both my browser and my flash player and having it still not work I gave up and switched to Chrome. It worked for a while and I was able to watch but now it started happening on Chrome too!

I'm a bit lost on what to do now. Help please? lol
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Is this happening on a particular channel page and is the channel free or premium? If you're running an ad blocking software this could be causing such a problem.

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I have a similar issue, except for me the video controls for the streams themselves won't load after the adds stop playing. This has been happening on Firefox and Chrome, and it gets really annoying when I can't hear the person who's doing the stream (and that's how they chose to talk with their audience, is with voice rather then typing) How do I fix this issue?
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Does this occur across all channels or only certain channels? Please be sure you have the latest version of Flash installed across all browsers.
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Exclamation same problem

I have the same issue with the loading. My friend has a free account and is the only account I watch. In the past livestream worked fine but recently I can't seem to watch any of her videos. Both my browser and flash are up to date as well.
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I'm getting the same issue, here. I've reported this before, even opened up a support ticket, and gotten nowhere.

My Chrome ad blocker is turned off. The ads in the video streams play just fine: I can see and hear everything. But as soon as the ad finishes, the screen goes black and silent.

Is there any fix for this?

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Hi Sylvan,

It essentially comes down to the way your system handles flash.

Other than temporarily disabling the firewall, one other option is to clear the flash cache:

If you're on Windows, go into the start menu and enter*into the search bar "%appdata%\adobe" --> then delete the Flash player folder.

Next, enter into the search bar "%appdata%\macromedia" --> once more, delete*the Flash player folder.

If you're on a Mac, go into your System Preferences --> select "Flash Player" --> select the Advanced tab --> Delete all.

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