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Default Persistent audio crackling

I am using Procaster version 20.2.39 on a Mac Mini 2.3 ghz i5 with 4 GB RAM.

My production setup is as follows - I am using a BlackMagic Design ATEM 1M/E for my production system and taking the program HDMI out (audio and video) to my Matrox MXO2 Mini running software version 2.3.3 which connects to my Mac Mini through Thunderbolt.

When I stream, regardless of the quality settings I select in Procaster, I am getting persistent audio crackling that alternates between the left and right channels. I tried upgrading the software for my MXO2 to 2.4 but I got the "Lost Signal" error when I streamed and the audio still crackled.

I am also seeing distortion in the audio as well. I have Procaster set at the HD+Medium+Mobile (3004Kbps) setting and have selected a sampling rate of 44.1Khz in the Preferences and am still hearing a very noticeable deterioration of the sound quality. I have plenty of upload bandwidth to be able to accommodate this size stream. Any thoughts of what I can try?

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Hey intlfamilychurch, we have found this issue and see what we are doing wrong, it is because of an mismatch between the sample rates, if you could shoot us an email to procaster@livestream.com we will give you a beta version that has this issue resolved.
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