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I'm having the same problem as 3mesofdoom, with this message:

"The following install step failed: run preinstall script for procasteraudiodirector. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."

Nothing is installed, it's my first time trying to install this software. There's nothing I can delete. Just thought I'd add my voice to this thread. I'm running on MacBook Pro OSX 10.5.8. Hope a solution is figured out soon.
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@laurelized since version 20.2.0 Any version before Snow Leopard (10.6) is no longer supported by Procaster since we can't support Leopard anymore because of changes Apple made in Lion. We had to make the choice to support Lion or Leopard and thus went for Lion.
If you want to use Procaster on Leopard you will have to get version 20.0.89.

You can download 20.0.89 and all previous versions from: Mac 20.0.89
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Old 10th January 2012, 19:01
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Thumbs up Problem solved!

@RonaldH Thank you so much! Couldn't manage to find this link on my own (new to this site) but this installed perfectly. Very excited to use this. Thanks again!
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